Now that Life on Mars has completed its mission, ABC has a new show leading out of Lost on Wednesday nights: The Unusuals, starring such familiar faces as Amber Tamblyn, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau and Adam Goldberg as quirky homicide detectives working for the NYPD.

If any fans of Joan or Arcadia or General Hospital's original Emily Q. are surprised to see Tamblyn brandishing a badge these days, so is she. "When I first heard about [The Unusuals], I was like, 'I don't want to go back to TV, to play a cop,'" Tamblyn told during a visit to the show's set. "But the script was so different."

"I call it an 'eccentric procedural,'" she says, summing up the show's niche.

Also in this video, Tamblyn surveys the dynamic between her character, Det. Casey Shraeger, and Renner's Det. Jason Walsh, with whom she is paired when his previous partner gets (gulp) killed. Amber also lets us in on Casey's big secret and her romantic status (including what about it is so "fascinating").