Amber Brkich won really big at Sunday's

Survivor: All-Stars finale. Not only did she beat Boston Rob for the $1-million prize, but her Beantown beau also proposed on national TV. While many fans think the grumpy jury chose wrongly, this giddy 25-year-old is clearly delighted with the verdict. Here, she tells TV Guide Online about tasting victory, the surprise engagement (and that huge rock!) as well as what her family really thinks of her new fianc&#233.

TV Guide Online: Has it sunk in yet that you've won $1 million?
Amber Brkich:
It started sinking in on [Monday] night, and then I actually got some rest. So now, I'm actually getting excited about it because I'm much more awake. It is weird because I really have no clue how much a million dollars is. That is a huge sum of money, so it is hard to really fathom. But I'm really excited!

TVGO: Have you had chance to decide when and where you'll marry Rob?
No, we haven't really been able to even talk about that. We just don't know. We've been so busy with the show and winning the million.

TVGO: Where'd you get your "I Love Rob" tee?
I made it! I'm a big bargain shopper and I love to put things together with my own clothes and design things. I had that idea a little bit ago and put it together.

TVGO: Did Rob know you were going to wear it?
No, it was a complete surprise. He loved it. He saw it just a couple moments before we went on stage. He could not believe it. He just thought it was the nicest way to show him and everybody that I love him and care about him and support him. I was excited too, but I didn't know that he was going to like it as much as he did.

TVGO: I'm sure it gave him more confidence about proposing.
[Laughs] It helped make it more clear in his mind that I was definitely going to say yes!

TVGO: Will you buy him a big gift with your $1 million?
If I am, it is going to be a surprise. But I would definitely like to do something like that.

TVGO: Which was a bigger shock — winning the money or getting the proposal?
Getting proposed to. That was the bigger shock for sure. I never thought that he'd get down in front of 30 million people and do that.

TVGO: Are you happy with your ring?
I love it. It is gorgeous. He designed it himself, so it is one-of-a-kind and it is just mine. It is so beautiful. It sparkles, and it is unreal. It is perfect for my hand, too; it is nice and delicate and just perfect.

TVGO: Rob made some racy comments about your physical appearance, particularly your tush. How did your family react to that?
I still live at home with my parents, so my dad said, "I guess that means we need to put a smoke detector in your room, since your ass is smoking." They thought it was hilarious. They were laughing so hard. My parents just loved Rob's humor, so when they showed that, my dad just rolled along with it.

Who are you voting for to win the second million?
I am going to vote for Rob. If you think about it, he outwitted, outplayed and outlasted every single person besides me. So why wouldn't he get it? If you are voting on who deserves it the most and who played the game the best, it is Rob.

TVGO: The other players commented on your backstabbing behavior. Were you surprised?
I think it just got a little bit out of hand. How many people get a chance to play the game of Survivor twice, let alone a chance to win $1 million twice? So you would think that they'd be smart enough to put friendships aside and only focus on the $1 million, and they didn't. That is just ridiculous to me. My focus the entire time was on the money and everything else was second. Rob and I did so well because he was the same way.

TVGO: So you don't have any regrets about the way you played?
Oh my gosh, no. Absolutely not.

TVGO: When you get a house, will Rob be doing handyman projects? That seemed to be what first attracted you to him.
[Laughs] Of course! He will be very involved in what happens whenever we do buy a place. So I will definitely take advantage of that, that is for sure.

TVGO: Why give the car to Shii Ann? You two never really seemed to get along.
I had 10 seconds to make the decision. So it came down to me to decide who I thought played an awesome game — and I couldn't give it to Rob, since he already had a car. I just thought Shii Ann played such an amazing game. She did get on our nerves while we were out there playing; she stirred up a lot of trouble and got people doubting each other, which is what the game is all about. She put up with a lot out there from us because we kept pushing her away. For me, it wasn't about who I was closest friends with. It was about who I thought played a great game.

TVGO: During the reunion, Jenna M. seemed to insinuate that her relationship with Ethan was somehow "more real" than yours because it didn't happen during the show. Did that bother you?
I don't think she would say anything like that and mean it on purpose. It is just the way it came out. I think a lot of people did take it that way. But I think what she was talking about was maybe the fact that they both unfortunately share having lost a parent. Ethan lost his dad when he was young, so maybe on an emotional level of losing a parent, they had a lot in common. Honestly, I could care less what she thinks about me. We are happy, and if [she] and Ethan are happy, then I am happy.

TVGO: What's next for you?
I can't wait to start getting the wedding plans started when we get a breather. But right now, I've got to focus on that $1 million!