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Amazon's Galaxy Quest Series Is Back On

With Paul Scheer attached to write it

Tim Surette

There's a scene early on in Galaxy Quest -- the greatest space comedy of all time (Spaceballs is close, though) -- where Alan Rickman's theatrical actor character is threatening to leave a sci-fi convention appearance and he tells Tim Allen's character that there is nothing that can be said to make him stay. Allen thinks for a second and says, "The show must go on."

Something similar must have happened over at Amazon, where a television adaptation of the film is back in the works after being halted last year. Galaxy Quest the TV show is back in development with a new writer, Deadline reports, bringing on The League's Paul Scheer to pen the script.

The project was announced in 2015 but halted production in 2016 when casting issues arose. One of those issues happened following the death of Rickman in early 2016. The other involved Allen, who was busy with Last Man Standing. But now that Last Man Standing is no longer, Allen is presumably free to get back on board the Protector.

The Orville: Seth MacFarlane Is Sick of Depressing Sci-Fi

The plot of the TV adaptation is still unknown, but Scheer's version is allegedly a new take. And given Rickman's death, it opens the door wide open for a new crew if it chooses to go in that direction.

There's already a sorta adaptation of Galaxy Quest set to debut soon on Fox. Seth MacFarlane's The Orville is, like Galaxy Quest, a comedic ode to Star Trek. However, MacFarlane insists that Galaxy Quest isn't an inspiration for his show and that he's only seen the film once.