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Who Won The Amazing Race 22?

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race 22. Read at your own risk.]

Joyce Eng

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race 22. Read at your own risk.]
After trekking to nine countries and logging in more than 30,000 miles, hockey players Bates and Anthony, newlyweds Max and Katie, country singers Caroline and Jennifer, and roller derby moms Mona and Beth face off in the final two legs for the $1 million on The Amazing Race 22.

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The final four travel from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where they must head to Peatlands Park for the Roadblock. It's bog snorkeling: wear full snorkeling gear, cannonball into the bog and swim the muddy track in under four minutes. Anthony breezes through it, followed by Katie and Mona. Jennifer has a tough time, and Caroline has to give her a pep talk before she finally completes it on her third attempt.Next, teams have to go to "The Thing with a Ring," aka the Beacon of Hope, where they find the Detour clue: serve an actual five-course meal from the Titanic to diners at the dock where the ship was built or paint graffiti art at a skate park. The first three teams choose Titanic and the singers choose graffiti, but they get lost finding the skate park. In addition to the table menu at the Titanic, there's a main menu, which Max and Katie notice, and they complete the task first and win their third straight leg in a row. The hockey players are second and the roller derby moms beat out the singers for the last spot in the final after Anthony clues them in to the main menu.

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The final three jet to Washington, D.C., and make their way through the Lincoln Memorial and 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, where they take doctored photos with the president, before going to Tidal Basin. The clue there is a Switchback Roadblock of the Family Edition spy task. They have to find one of 50 agents to correctly respond to their "password" to get the agent's briefcase with the clue. The codes to unlock the briefcases are their placements in New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Max and Katie get there first, but Max has trouble finding his agent, and both Bates and Beth finish before him.The next stop is Nationals Park, where one teammate must throw a ball to the other, who's dressed as a baseball, from a zipline. The hockey players complete it, followed by Max and Katie and the moms. The final task is a memory challenge at Hains Point: They have to go in a huge ball pit, find 10 inflatable globes, one highlighted with each country they went to, and line them up in the correct Race route. The hockey players finish before anyone else even gets there.

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The finish line is at Mount Vernon, and the hockey players win the $1 million dollars. It's their fifth first place overall. Max and Katie finish second, and the roller derby moms are third."I can buy some new [teeth] now," Anthony jokes.What did you think of the finale? Are Bates and Anthony deserving winners?(Full disclosure: TVGuide.com is owned by a joint venture between Lionsgate and CBS.)