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SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

After clocking in more than 40,000 miles in nine countries, Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy, sisters Kisha and Jen, father and daughter Gary and Mallory, and best friends Zev and Justin face off in the final two legs for the $1 million on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

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The final four travel from Zermatt, Switzerland, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they must find their clue on the Escalaria Selaron. Kisha and Jen, Zev and Justin, and Gary and Mallory make the tram to the Escalaria, but the Globetrotters miss it because of their slow cabbie, putting them 30 minutes behind. The first three teams find the clue and head to Sao Francisco de Paula, where the Roadblock is to perform the samba. Zev is there first, but struggles because he has "white boy rhythm" and gets passed by Mallory and Kisha. Zev finally completes it before Big Easy finishes. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory head to Copacabana, where they both must endure a 15-minute Brazilian waxing session. Kisha and Jen arrive next, but Zev and Justin get lost and the Globetrotters arrive in third. Zev and Justin, the hairiest team of them all, suffer the most at the salon and pay homage to The 40-Year-Old Virgin

with a "Kelly Clarkson!" shout-out. The Detour follows: Make 100 caipirinhas cocktails or sell $60 worth of bikinis. The first three teams opt for the cocktails, while Zev and Justin choose to sell, but no one's buying and they eventually switch. Gary and Mallory finish the drinks and win the leg and are followed by Kisha and Jen. The Globetrotters finish third, while Zev and Justin toast their elimination.

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The final three take off the next day for Miami, where they must head to Marine Stadium Marina for their next clue, which is a Roadblock. They have to transport a boat with a forklift. Kisha and Flight Time do it, while Gary and Mallory are lost. Flight Time finishes first and the Globetrotters head to Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Both teams are gone before Gary and Mallory arrive at the marina; Gary does the Roadblock.The clue at the Undersea Lodge is another Roadblock: use a personal submarine (a bob dive) to find the clue in one of the treasure chests. Big Easy and Jen, who still can't swim, but took lessons, do it. Big Easy finds the clue first, which is to go to Mile Marker 29. The Globetrotters' cabbie, however, is nowhere to be found at first and they have to chase it down. Gary and Mallory, once again, arrive after both teams leave, and Mallory does the Roadblock.

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Kisha and Jen get to the Mile Marker first and walk across the ocean to Horseshoe Island for their next clue, which is to take a high-speed boat to a mobile home park. There, they must create a trailer park that matches a brochure photo. The wind wreaks havoc and allows Gary and Mallory to catch up. Kisha and Jen finish first and get the clue to the finish line, Seven-Mile Bridge. The Globetrotters peek at the sisters' table and finish next. All four ride tricycles down the bridge against the wind. The Globetrotters can't catch up, and Kisha and Jen win the $1 million. They become the second all-female team to win, following Nat and Kat last season, and dedicate their win to their mom. The Globetrotters finish second, and Gary and Mallory come in third."Three second places and we came in first when it counted," Jen says.What did you think of the finale? Are Kisha and Jen deserving winners? Have they settled their unfinished business? Can they put their ill-timed pee break behind them? Are you excited for Season 19?