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SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race 16.

After clocking 40,000 miles over nine countries, it's down to cowboys/brothers Jet and Cord, brothers Dan and Jordan, and dating models Brent and Caite for the $1 million prize on The Amazing Race 16.

The final three travel from Shanghai to San Francisco, where they must go to Battery Godfrey for their first clue. But drama ensues before takeoff when Jordan, arriving last to the airport, cuts in front of the cowboys at the ticket counter by placing his backpack behind Caite's. The brothers' plotting doesn't end there: Dan asks the flight attendant to move them up to first class, ensuring that they get off the plane first. Brent and Caite are second out, followed by the cowboys.

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The brothers arrive at Battery Godfrey first, where the clue is a riddle that directs teams to Coit Tower. The cowboys solve the riddle next, thanks to a travel book they got in Shanghai, but the models are having cab trouble and cannot locate Battery Godfrey. The clue at Coit Tower is a Roadblock, and teams must climb up the tower to receive the next clue. Dan elects to perform it for the brothers and gets the clue as Cord is getting suit up, while Brent and Caite finally get to Battery Godfrey.The next clue asks teams to find the Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilm at Industrial Light & Magic, where teams must navigate a virtual world. One team member is the searcher, the other the navigator. Jordan opts to be the searcher, donning a green-screen suit, with Dan directing him, but they have trouble corresponding at first. Jet decides to be the searcher and Cord is the director. As Jet gets suited up, Cord tries to throw the brothers off by shouting random directions. Meanwhile, Brent and Caite arrive at Coit Tower, and Brent, despite already having maxed out with six Roadblocks, performs it.

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Jordan gets to the goal, which unlocks a spinning message on-screen that Dan must read. The words become readable when Jordan turns his head. Jet catches up to Jordan, but can't move forward since Jordan's blocking him. Dan figures out the message, which directs teams to the Tonga Room, a tiki bar. Brent and Caite arrive at Lucasfilm as Dan and Jordan leave. The cowboys and models figure out the clue at the same time, but the models left their money behind and must turn around.At the Tonga Room, teams must carry a trunk to their next destination: the Great American Music Hall. Inside the trunks are 11 psychedelic posters — eight with the faces of eliminated teams and three for the non-elimination legs. They must place them all in order of elimination. The brothers, aided by Jordan's fanaticism with the

Race, complete it before the cowboys arrive and get the riddle clue to the final pit stop. Dan, a die-hard sports fan, figures out that it's Candlestick Park, home of the San Francisco 49ers. They are still searching for a cab as the cowboys finish their arrangement.

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Both teams are shown to get cabs at the same time, but it's Dan and Jordan who get to Candlestick first and win the $1 million! "I love my little brother and it's so great knowing I could help him make his No. 1 dream come true," Dan says.The cowboys arrive next and say they are happy to have traveled around the world together with their integrity intact.Brent and Caite, who haven't been shown since they went back for their money, arrive last. Everyone claps except for Brandy, who's still bitter over being U-Turned. "I don't want to hear sorry from you. You purposely whacked us," she tells Caite, adding that she should've U-Turned the cowboys. Caite tells her she should've treated people nicer, to which Brandy snaps, "Hey, I'm sorry you can't handle it."

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"I am handling it. Obviously I'm the one standing here and not you," Caite retorts.And with that, everyone gets in for a group photo.What did you think of the finale? Are Dan and Jordan deserving winners? Does Brandy need to get over the U-Turn?