Think fast: Which reality-TV star's sexy poster was rejected by a self-described "right-wing conservative, God-fearing Christian" printer?

That'd be Reichen Lehmkuhl Burke, who won

The Amazing Race 4 with his ex-boyfriend, Chip Arndt. After signing a contract, Reichen alleges that Mark Jones of Vacaville, Calif. — who did not object to the poster photo itself — visited his website, where he learned that Reichen is gay. (We guess the guy doesn't watch much TV.) He says that's when Jones opted not to honor their agreement.

On March 16, Reichen tells, he and his attorney will hold a press conference in West Hollywood, Calif., to make an announcement. No, he's not planning to sue Jones, he says, but he does aim to bring public attention to the injustice of his situation.

Meanwhile, life goes on for the 31-year-old aspiring actor, who recently drank worm juice on Reality Stars Fear Factor and supplements his income by selling real estate in L.A. As a former Air Force captain (who remains on the Reserves roster despite publicly coming out), he's currently writing Here's What We'll Say, a book detailing his closeted life at the Air Force Academy. Reichen says he's currently single, having just come out of "a relationship that ended sadly."

As for his Race teammate and ex-beau, Arndt, they "came home from the race on Valentine's Day [2003, and] officially moved away from each other on April 1." However, they remain good friends. "We actually got along better on the race than we were getting along at home," Reichen says. "We weren't working against each other, we were working for each other."

Inspired by letters he's received from Race fans around the world, the Miami-based Arndt is creating a nonprofit website "meant to be a global resource for gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered world youth." He's even got openly gay athletes like Billy Bean and Gigi Fernandez involved.

On the personal front, Arndt is keeping mum on his romantic life these days. Regarding Reichen, though, he says, "The race made our true friendship stronger. I think we'll always be there for each other. We'd actually consider doing Amazing Race together again, if asked."

An all-star Amazing Race? That we'd like to see. In the meantime, before tonight's TAR episode airs at 9 pm/ET on CBS, you can content yourself by clicking here for photos and dish on all this season's racers.