Joey "Fitness" Lasalla & Danny Horal Joey "Fitness" Lasalla & Danny Horal

Jeers to The Amazing Race for taking a detour to Jersey Shore territory.

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CBS' Emmy-winning, long-running reality show has always distanced itself from its competitors by staying classy, but by casting Joey "Fitness" Lasalla and Danny Horal, they're just jumping on the GTL bandwagon. Though the trainer and the nightclub promoter are from Long Island, they were quick to liken themselves to MTV's self-proclaimed "Guidos," even referring to their abs as "the Solution."

Joey and Danny were almost eliminated in the season-opening episode but managed to survive after sisters Misa and Maiya couldn't find the finish line. Married couple Dave and Cherie may work for Ringling Bros., but there's no question who the real clowns are here.

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