The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan

On Sunday's Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, teams traveled to Varanasi, India, where they completed such tasks as hauling hay and making fuel with cow manure. Luckily for Phil Keoghan, who live-tweeted the episode, he didn't get down and dirty because "there is no time" for him to try any of the tasks, he revealed.

Here are five more tidbits we learned from the Amazing host:

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Would he ever run the Race himself?

"No desire to be a contestant on TAR," Keoghan said. "This is a show i definitely like to watch."What's his favorite Race destination? "For great content - #India. From a personal perspective - #Italy. food, wine, history, culture."Do any teams get on his nerves? "Only if they're not commited [sic] 100% to winning the Race," Keoghan wrote, without naming names. He also admitted that it's not hard to tell certain teams that they're eliminated. Who do you think he's referring to? Take your best guesses below!

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Which remaining team does he think is the strongest? "The cowboys. The question is will they make anymore unforced errors?" Keoghan said, referring to their carelessness in booking a flight that landed one hour later than that of the other teams on the episode. As for the other Racers, he singled out Jen as one of the fittest, gave props to "Mr. Chill" Zev, who has Asperger's, for dealing with India's overwhelming noise, and had some, um, less-than-flattering words for Flight Time's impromptu singing: "I've seen #FlightTime play basketball, he's a pro but that singing up there with bad #Idol auditions."Stay tuned for... Keoghan signed off with a tease for next week's episode: "See you next week in #Austria for a psychological thriller!" Hmm, would that have anything to do with Kent and Vyxsin's breakdown?