When you're a contestant on The Amazing Race (Tuesdays, 9 pm/ET on CBS), you quickly get used to having a camera constantly on your tail as you race around the world in pursuit of $1 million. Of course, that means that every funny, foolish or — as in the case of "Boston" Rob — downright devious thing you do has a good chance of being shown on national television.

But for every memorable moment that makes the final cut, there are at least a dozen more that the audience never gets a chance to see (even if a few do turn up on the CBS website). Here are a few examples of incidents that didn't air, direct from the mouths of this season's recently Philiminated racers.

While passing through yet another airport, mother-son team Susan and Patrick Vaughn were told that Susan's backpack weighed too much to be allowed on the flight as carry-on luggage. In a rush, they unpacked the entire bag right then and there. "Mom pulled out a hair dryer, makeup kit, a curling iron," Patrick tells TVGuide.com. "I had no idea all that stuff was in there!"

The gambit worked, though — Susan's newly lightened bag was deemed the right size and weight to be allowed on the flight. "It weighed like six lbs. less after that," Patrick remembers, laughing. "I wish we'd have seen that on the show — 'What's in Susan's bag?'"

Mom, for one, is glad that America missed that moment. "I didn't think it was that funny," Susan says matter-of-factly.

It's become a common refrain among ex-Racers that the show's editing made them seem worse than they really are, but you rarely hear contestants complain that the editing made them less funny. Best friends Megan Baker and Heidi Heidel — aka "the Barbie twins" — feel very strongly that viewers never got the chance to see their sense of humor come through.

For example, during the shopping challenge in Chile, the duo kept their spirits up by fooling around with the merchandise. "At the fish market, all the other teams put their fish in a bag, but I wanted to have some fun," says Megan, "so I carried the fish like a baby and we ran through the streets wiggling it at people." Hmm... maybe you had to be there for that one.

One of this season's most memorable moments so far came when Rob bribed a Chilean bus driver to keep the back doors of the vehicle closed so that the other teams would be delayed in getting off. But according to engaged couple Ray Housteau and Deana Shane, the original plan was much worse.

"We were going to hijack the bus in the middle of nowhere," reveals Ray, who adds that he cooked up both this rotten idea and the door trick and then enlisted Rob's help. During the long ride to Arequipa, the bus made rest stops along the way. At one of these stops, Ray and Deana and Rob and Amber planned to bribe the driver to leave before the other teams got back on the bus.

"We were going to strand those teams in the middle of a remote mountain area with no other bus coming through for 24 hours," says Ray. "But by the time we were able to bribe the driver, some of the teams were already back on the bus and we couldn't do it. Had we pulled it off, it would have been a classic moment. Of course, then I wouldn't have as many people coming to my wedding."

Hey, after hearing this, a few guests might change their minds yet!