The Amazing Race's father/daughter duo, Jim and

Marsha, got off to the roughest start of any team. After Jim took a tumble on the Santa Monica boardwalk and ripped up his knee, they were forced to go to the hospital, and nearly missed the first airline flight of the race. But they never gave up, battling their way into third place on the second leg. Their luck gave out Tuesday night though, as plane problems grounded them for good.

TV Guide Online: So Jim, how's the leg?
Oh, it's fine now. The stitches actually popped out five minutes after we were on the airplane. At that point, I was just concerned about infection, so I was taking antibiotics. Eventually, it went away and now I've got a nice souvenir scar.
Marsha: He doesn't have feeling in the top of his kneecap though. He never mentions that part. But that's my dad, I guess.

TVGO: I'm still impressed that they were able to sew your wound up so quickly.
That's actually a funny story. The nurse was taking her time, and I knew I had to get her on my side. She said, "I don't understand why you just can't take the next flight to Uruguay." So I said, "You don't understand, I have to get on that flight. I didn't want to tell you this, but I'm a producer and I'm filming a show in Uruguay. My camera crew is already on that plane. It's going to cost millions and millions of dollars if we have to delay the production." And she goes, "What kind of show are you making? Is it some sort of animal show?" I saw a spark in her eye and said, "Yes, it's an animal show." She said "Oh, really?" and then ran and got another doctor and a paramedic and all three of them did the procedure together. And then, she said "Okay, you go ahead and produce your show, but no running and no jumping."
Marsha: She gave him a narcotic for pain and Dad threw it away because he didn't want to have a fuzzy head. All that injury and no pain medicine, I was so proud of him. We felt so victorious walking to the flight — I could hear the Rocky music in my head!

TVGO: Settle another issue: Did those bowling moms lie to you?
We still don't know. We overheard them talking to some locals, but they weren't discretely talking to them. It was like they were trying to lure other teams into listening, and I totally fell for it. After we got to the exchange booth and no one else was there, we figured they had tricked us. But then, we wound up beating them to the pit stop and we thought that maybe we were just so wrapped up in the race that we misunderstood. We never confronted them about it and they probably had no hand in it. I can't wait to talk to them and say "We're sorry for saying such nasty things about you!"

TVGO: What happened to at the Buenos Aires airport? That was confusing.
I told the woman behind the counter to book us on the 9:10 flight, but there was only one seat left. So I had her book me on that flight and put Dad on the standby list. I also asked her to confirm us for the 10:30 flight. I think confusion arose because Brandon and Nicole — whom I never should have helped in the first place after they screwed us over on the first leg — asked us to buy their tickets, too. So now, I'm asking for a lot of tickets, and I guess the lady got confused. In her mind, she said, "Well, Marsha's got a ticket for the 9:10, so I'll put Jim and Brandon and Nicole on the 10:30." So I think we're set and then Dad sees that I don't have a ticket for the 10:30 flight.
Jim: She made the mistake of not giving us the tickets that we asked for and I made the mistake of not checking the tickets at the counter. Once we got back to the counter and realized she wasn't going to admit her mistake, we got the airport manager in on it and even she couldn't do anything. But we still didn't think we were sunk because we were first on the standby list for the 10:30 flight. So we get to the gate and they start calling out all the standby passengers, except us. We asked what was going on and the guy didn't even look at us. It was very apparent that we were not getting on that plane. He took Kami and Karli ahead of us, even though we were first on the list. I don't know how that happened. They may have done something behind the scenes that we didn't see.
Marsha: Or maybe he just thought blondes were cuter than brunettes. (Laughs)

TVGO: You got on the 11:30 plane instead. Did you have any hope of catching up?
The episode didn't indicate this, but our plane was actually delayed for another 30 minutes. Once we landed, we ran a really quick race. If it wasn't for those 30 minutes, I think we could have caught up to Marshall and Lance. The producers even told us later that we were really close to beating those guys.

The Amazing Race airs Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET on CBS.