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Kym and Alli took a gamble on Friday's Amazing Race going after the Fast Forward. Unfortunately, Adam and Bethany took an even bigger one, going after it as well despite being last... and it paid off. The surfers mastered the surfing task (surprise!), which not only sent Kym and Alli to the back of the pack, but set them up for a U-Turn that the other teams had been engineering. They got a last-minute lifeline when Brooke and Robbie opted not to U-Turn them and then lied to Amy and Maya about a clue, but alas, it wasn't enough to save them. "There was a lot we weren't part of!" Alli tells "It was wild to see it all unfold in the episode and that we had a chance." See what else the cyclists have to say about their worst case scenario coming true and why they wouldn't go out any other way.

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That was a pretty intense episode. How far behind were you in the end? 
 Right? I think the craziest thing for us to see, which we never even realized talking to the cast after the fact, was that Brooke and Robbie had lied to Amy and Maya, which gave us a chance. We found out when we got to the Pit Stop that we were maybe 15 minutes behind everyone. That was pretty crazy to know. ... We had a gut feeling we were in last place.

How surprised were you that you weren't U-Turned? It seemed like you went after the Fast Forward knowing you were probably going to be U-Turned.
 We actually didn't know that everyone was ganging up on us. We knew that we were a target. We had heard other teams saying they wanted to U-Turn Adam and Bethany as well. When we were on the boat with Brooke and Robbie, and Amy and Maya, we all made an agreement that if we took the Fast Forward, they were going to U-Turn Adam and Bethany. That's all we knew. 
Kym: I had a suspicion. I imagined that was the case, which is why I wanted to go do the Fast Forward.

Alli, you didn't want to.
 Honestly, a part of me wanted to do the Fast Forward. I just had my doubts because we were in first place. I think we would've come in first had we not gone after the Fast Forward because hindsight's 20/20. But we also could've been U-Turned as well. You never know. I wasn't totally against it. Kym had told me, "Right now, we're in first, we have extra time." My thing was if Adam and Bethany showed up, that would be the worst case scenario, which came true! When we found out it was surfing, I'm kind of quick on my feet, so I was hoping I could pull my feet together to do it. Kym was very confident that she could do it. I don't doubt her. I don't second-guess her. Like you see me say, "We're a team, we're together, we make choices together. Sometimes they're for the best and sometimes they're for the worst."
Kym: I felt really confident and perhaps a bit cocky. It felt clear with the U-Turn coming up that it was a good move for us to do the Fast Forward. We had seen enough episodes that we had never seen a Fast Forward we couldn't handle. However, there's this thing called editing! [Laughs] I now realize I probably underestimated a few things. I felt like with our lead, we could do it before anyone else got there. 

You had a 40-minute head start. How long did you stay there?
 I honestly can't remember how long we were there for. The actual drive to the location was an hour, from the boats to the Wavehouse. Our taxi driver took us through heavy traffic. I think we had been there for about 25 minutes when Adam and Bethany showed up. The fact they showed up so quickly, we were like, "What route did they take?" Traffic in Singapore was insane.

It's funny because the second wave of teams doesn't usually go after it. 
 They don't. That's the reason I didn't push Kym. Kym said, "You make the call." I thought about it. They were in last place. That was a huge, huge gamble for them. Kym and I had both gotten down the surfing, but we couldn't do it together.

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Did you consider leaving when they tried it for the first time?
 That was my call and decided to stay and see them try one time. We knew traffic was bad and we had gambled so heavy. Adam fell on his first try, which is why we stuck around. I've surfed before. Of course, Bethany's a pro. Those little boards are nothing like surfing at all, not even close. It's like mini snowboards and you were snowboarding down a steep hill on ice.

Do you regret going after it?
 Obviously, I do regret it because I feel like we could've stayed in the race. However, I do feel a little better about it having seen the episode and knowing that everyone was planning to U-Turn us. Either way, it was a gamble. If we hadn't gone after it, what would've happened? With the tightrope-walking, only one person could go at a time. I fell twice. They didn't show it. I felt like the space between the ropes was really far and I was having a hard time reaching. I don't know how Maya did it either.

Maybe she fell too.
 Yeah, maybe she did and they didn't show it. I think she told me they did. It was nothing as spectacular as Jim's fall where he flipped around. I don't know if you got consecutive tries, but if I had fallen, they would've put the wrestlers up there and they got it on their first try and they would've been in first and gotten to the U-Turn and we would've been U-Turned. I'm happy we went out this way, going for the Fast Forward and not getting U-Turned. We went out on our terms, our decisions, not what someone else did.

What was your relationship like with the other teams since they were plotting to U-Turn you?
 The whole cast is very friendly. We all got along for the most part. Brooke was reluctant to team up with us [for the coconuts], but she did. There was no hesitation there. There were no big fights. Kym and I are the type of people who like to go off and explore. We like our space. In Malta, on the boat, we walked on, we saw two seats at the front of the boat and the sun was setting and we said, "I need two hours of sleep." After spending an entire day racing, I said I need a nap and I need to eat something. And I want to watch the sunset! We sat there and had no idea that everybody else was talking about us. We eventually made our way back there. We're not scheming and I think they all thought we were scheming every time we went off by ourselves.
Kym: It's a competition. I don't take anything personally at all. It's a race! 

What do you think of what went down between Amy and Maya, and Brooke and Robbie? It didn't really make sense for the wrestlers not to U-Turn you since they wanted you out.
 It's so funny. That's a good question. That's a surprise to Kym and I. When we watched the episode, we were like, "Whoa!" The thing is, if you watch the episodes again, Brooke and Robbie kind of tag-teamed off a team every leg. They got help from some team every leg. This was the first time they made decisions by themselves and didn't have anyone to fall on. This episode was the first time you really see them by themselves and make decisions. I have no idea why they didn't U-Turn us. I think at that point they were trying to get to the Pit Stop.
Kym: I think they probably figured we were done. ... It's weird. I don't think Brooke thought it through. Because they didn't U-Turn us and she gave [Amy and Maya] wrong information, so those things could've added up to us staying in the race. I know she wanted us out, so it's funny. It's like she didn't think it through.

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How painful was that massage? We didn't see you agonizing as much as Amy and Maya.
 It was awful. I would never pay to get one of those. It's funny because I've heard of those things so many times and I was like, "Oh, I have to try this." People are always talking about cleanses and cupping. Yeah, I tried that and I'm good. Don't ever need to try that again.
 That was the worst thing I've ever optionally gone through in my entire life. You maybe didn't see much of me because I was screaming the whole time. We were crying. Why would anybody want to do that? Kym is awesome. I had laryngitis and I was having a tough time breathing, so she was carrying my backpack. The worst part was the backpack scraping across your back when you were running afterward.

Do you have any scars?
 They went away. They took about a week to go away. But I slept on my stomach a couple nights.
Kym: Yeah, it's all good now.

You just have emotional scars.
 [Laughs] Exactly!

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