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Barring some great luck, beach volleyball partners Katie Seamon, 23, and Rachel Johnston, 24, knew their elimination was sealed on The Amazing Race after finishing second-to-last last week. "We spent a lot of time talking about it. If there's some way we can be equalized with everyone, we'll be fine," Rachel tells TVGuide.com. "But if we stay in [the Arctic Circle] area, we need someone to make a mistake and no one ever did." But the two admit they did make a mistake last week that set them back.

TVGuide.com: How far behind were you?
I think we were about 25 minutes behind — the same amount of time as we started behind. ... We didn't have the chance to [make up time]. None of the other teams made mistakes and neither did we, so it was kind of like, if nobody else messes up, there's no opportunity for us to catch up.

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TVGuide.com: I felt like last week set you up for elimination this week since you didn't have to fly anywhere. Is it tough knowing that you ran a clean leg, but it still wasn't good enough?

It's definitely hard to swallow. ... you can't do anything about it. You just have to accept it and move on.Katie: Sometimes when I think about it, I wish that if we were going to lose, we lost because we weren't good enough or something and everybody else was so much better. I know the leg before we messed up on the flight basically, but on this leg, we never even got the opportunity to go up against any other team, so that's kind of disappointing. TVGuide.com: Did you guys try to get earlier flights to Sweden last week?
We did. At the travel agency, we asked about the same flight that [the other teams] got on, but they said it would be too hard with the layover, and we were kind of like, "OK!" That was all our bad. That put us in the back. We should've definitely said, "Well, we're going to try. How long is the layover?" We didn't push as much because the travel agent made it seem like we definitely can't get on it, but that's completely in our hands. We should've known better, having watched the show. You can do something.TVGuide.com: Why did you choose the boat Detour? That was the slower option.
The bike one made it seem like there was more room for error. Before we went on the race, we said, "When there's less error involved, we should go with that or the athletic challenge." In this case, the athletic challenge had the combination with the locks, and when we read it, we thought, "What if we get there and there are numbers everywhere and we don't have time to make a mistake on that?" So we wanted to do the one that was more straightforward because we knew we couldn't lose any more time.

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TVGuide.com: How long did it take?Rachel: Half an hour. That hike up to the house — oh my God! You have no idea, it was so freaking hard!Katie: Rachel stunk afterward. She carried the fish.Rachel: Oh, my pants still smell like salmon. I'm not kidding! I should [throw them away], but they're so cute! [Laughs]TVGuide.com: When Jill and Thomas passed you while you were on the Roadblock and they were searching for the Pit Stop, did you think they were behind you?
Yeah. Actually, when we pulled up to the Pit Stop, I thought there was one car missing, so I was like, "Rachel, oh my God! There's a car missing!" So we ran up there praying and thought Jill and Thomas were behind us the entire time. But they weren't!TVGuide.com: Do you think it was fair to have a Fast Forward on a leg where you didn't have to fly and the first task forced you to wait for gondolas? It pretty much guaranteed that Nat and Kat would get it if they didn't get lost, which they didn't.
Rachel: Oh, you know what? I didn't even think about that! Now that you say that ... [Laughs] Well, there wasn't that much room for error. Nat and Kat earned it. They ate that sheep head! I think we should tell CBS to do it over!

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TVGuide.com: You seemed very focused on yourselves, and said that you weren't on the show to make any friends. Did you get close to any other teams?Rachel: Connor and Jonathan on the race for the most part. We got closer to teams at Elimination Station. Ron and Tony — we didn't get to meet them beforehand. We just saw them and our first impression was, "They're going to be so tough!" So when they got eliminated, we were kind of like, "Wow!" Then we met them and they are such great teams. They're one of the teams that if we couldn't win, we would've wanted them to win or Connor and Jonathan. They were such nice people. ... I was having trouble with my stick shift the first leg and in the parking garage, they helped us. They didn't need to do that. We decided that if anything, we would have teamed up with them.Katie: I don't think any of the other teams warmed up to us as much during the race! I think they thought we were, like, intense. That's how we are when it comes to sports and competition. When we walk on the volleyball court, we're not going to be like, "Oh my God! Hi! Give me a hug!" We walk on and I'm like, "Rachel, we're going to beat them!"TVGuide.com: What are you up to now?
I am a property manager at the Plaza in New York City. I do that basically all day when I leave my house early in the morning because I live in New Jersey and commute into the city. Then I get home late. I'm basically working all the time!Rachel: I'm just freelance modeling. I have a couple interviews set up next week. I'm going to try to get back into what I used to do — doing corporate event sales. So we'll see how that goes.