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Amazing Race's Jeff and Jackie Try to Explain That Face He Made

Are they dating now?

Joyce Eng

The Amazing Race had one of its most unpredictable finishes on Friday, but Jeff and Jackie came out on the wrong end. Though the blind date pair finished the ziplining Detour in third place, they lost ample time searching for the picturesque Pit Stop at Plage de Passable in Monaco. "You could feel it. I don't know why," Jackie tells TVGuide.com. "Obviously you didn't want to think you're last, but you could feel it." How did they get to lost? Did Jackie give Jeff her number? And why did he make that face? Find out below.

Amazing Race's Kurt and Bergen: We did not quit

That was such an exciting finish, but I'm sure not for you guys. What was it like watching the episode?
Watching the show was bittersweet. It was probably one of my favorite spots we went to. Monaco was amazing. It's unfortunate we got eliminated, but at least we went out in style! [Laughs] At least we were dressed up.
Jackie: It was kind of crazy at the end there. It was pretty epic with all the teams just [arriving at the Pit Stop] back to back to back there. It could've been anyone's game and I think a lot of the fans were shocked that it happened the way it did.

It was one of the few times that all the teams had no idea where any of the other teams were.
Yeah. I think the most unfortunate thing is after watching the show, you realize how little margin for error there was for this leg. It came down to getting directions. Most teams had trouble getting from Point A to Point B. It was really hard getting around there. It was about getting the least lost. Unfortunately, we were the most lost at that point. I think it's really heartbreaking when it's something that's beyond your control. I think it's an easier pill to swallow had we not been able to do a task properly. That would've definitely bee on us. It would've been our fault. However, it simply came down to getting lost and getting bad directions.

You obviously didn't know it at the time, but you were in third place when you left the ziplining Detour.
Jeff: I don't think we could've moved any quicker. We really did think we were close to being last. We didn't know we were third ... until we watched it. We were like, "Wow, we were actually doing pretty good." I think that if we had been able to navigate a little better, we might've been able to place in first.

Do you know if the perfume Detour was closer to the Pit Stop? All the ziplining people finished first and got really lost, and a perfume team came in first.
I have no idea where the other challenge was. I don't think that they were anywhere near each other. I think they made it that if someone wanted to switch challenges, it was pretty much an automatic elimination at that point. Maybe there was an advantage to where the perfume challenge was located based on how long it seemed like that challenge took. Ziplining and walking on the tightrope was something you just had to do. It's nothing that required too much ability. I think the perfume one definitely required more skill and time. I think maybe they logistically set it up where it was a little more convenient to where the checkpoint would be.

Amazing Race's Harley and Jonathan: Time was not on our side

Do you know how far behind you were?
I think 20 minutes. I think Laura said 20 minutes. She and Tyler were before us.
Jeff: I already knew that we were last. There was no doubt in my mind, especially running up to Phil. You could feel the awkward tension in the air that I had never felt before. You could tell by body language. It was really awkward. Jackie and I were really counting on this being a non-elimination leg.

A lot of fans thought it was going to be one.
I think it should've been! It was so crazy.
Jackie: You do know they're in there. You just never know which ones they're gonna be.

Did you like being forced to do a Detour instead of choosing one?
I loved the Detour, so I was really happy with that one. Like Jeff said, it's one you can't mess up. You just do it and get it done unless you're like, "I can't. I'm not gonna do it." We were lucky with that aspect, but I feel it was a lot harder to find than the perfume challenge. It took us a while to get there.
Jeff: I guess it saved us some time in figuring out which one we wanted to do. I think a lot of teams were jealous of the ziplining challenge. It was simply amazing. It's something you're not gonna do in your normal life. Even if you travel to Monaco, you probably won't be able to do that. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And for me, I got out of my comfort zone. I exposed myself to my fear of heights and kind of got over it. It was pretty self-rewarding. I wish Jon and Harley were still in it because Jon has a huge fear of heights. He is terrified of heights!
Jackie: We were telling him about it. Even Rochelle. She's terrified of heights as well. They could've easily gotten stuck with that Detour. But I'm sure she would've done it. I know she would've.

You were one of the few blind date couples that got along, except for your huge fight last week, so what do you think of the blind date twist? Do you think the show should do it again?
I loved it. I thought it was a really, really cool twist. The whole race is crazy as is. When you add that aspect on top of it with someone you don't know, you don't know how to train, you don't know what he's gonna pack, what is he good at. Going into a future season, why not? Maybe all the teams are blind dates instead of half and half. Or maybe not even blind dates. Maybe just people who don't know each other and just pair them up randomly.
Jeff: I think that'd be cool. There was hot and cold feedback from fans. I think a lot of people warmed up to it. I think at the beginning they were worried it was turning in to The Bachelor. ... But I think what a lot of people learned after watching the show is you don't have to know somebody well to compete well on The Amazing Race. In fact, you don't have to know somebody at all. It just has to do with communication. The first thing Jackie and I did was talk. "OK, what are you good at? What are you bad at? Where do I need to pick up the slack? How are we gonna benefit each other?" I told Jackie within 10 minutes, "Hey, we're not doing any dancing challenges unless we have to unless you wanna lose."

You definitely were the fan favorite of the blind date couples because you got along so well.
We did get along. We had a lot of fun too.

And you gave Jeff your number.
[Laughs] I did!
Jeff: One hilarious thing was somebody sent me a screenshot ... after she said that, and I had a terrified look on my face, like, "Hell, no!" [Laughs] You know what? I think that was actually the face I made. Even my brother was like, "That is the funniest thing I have ever seen." It was simply amazing.

It was hilarious. Did you not want her number?
[Laughs] Yeah, why'd you make that face?
Jeff: I don't know what was going through my mind at the time. I think... I don't know! I think that the facial expressions said a lot more than what I could say.

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Are you just friends now?
We're definitely really good friends. Like I said on the show, he's gonna be in my life forever. We're not gonna share that experience with anyone else in the word. It's something I will cherish forever. I'm here in Tampa visiting him. We watched this episode together. Dating, unfortunately, we just don't live in the same city. I'm from Las Vegas. We're both working on ourselves, going through life changes after the show and after the race and watching the show as well. We're really good friends.
Jeff: I think if they really wanted to create long-lasting relationships ... it would've made a lot of more sense to pair people who live in the same cities but don't know each other. Maybe they can do that next time. Long-distance relationships -- I've done them before and they just don't work. I have no interest in trying to pursue one. I wanna be able to interact and see the person I'm dating every day. I don't wanna FaceTime and talk on the phone. It's very hard. Geographically, it doesn't make sense. ... We're not even in the same time zone. But we are really good friends.

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