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Amazing Race's CJ and Libby: We Didn't Have a Chance After We Missed the Train

Plus: What's up with their #selfiefail?

Joyce Eng

Leg 2 of The Amazing Race 26 was just a formality after CJ and Libby missed their train to Nagano, Japan. But the couple of 10 years suffered perhaps a greater indignity with their #selfiefail at the train station. So, how did they miss their train (and mess up their selfie) so badly? Plus: Will CJ ever put a ring on it? Find out below.

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Do you know how far behind you were?
I don't know exactly, but I would say maybe an hour.
Libby: I think it was probably more than that. It wasn't close at all. We knew we were last. We never saw anybody that day.

How did you miss the train?
The train was actually on the other end of the platform. We just didn't see it. We didn't know the platform was as long as it was. The train that we needed was first down on the platform, so we missed it by like 10, 15 minutes.
Libby: Yeah, and there was an opening that said, "Enter here for the train." We thought all the doors were gonna open up, but apparently that wasn't the way the trains there worked. Only two or three doors actually opened and we didn't know that.
CJ: We didn't see any teams there either, so we couldn't follow anyone.

Is that worse than your #selfiefail?
[Laughs] We were distracted with the train. I think we thought we had four minutes to go, but I think it left before the [scheduled] time, so it just happened like that.

What happened with the emergency stop? How long was it?
We had an emergency stop about halfway through. We don't know what happened, but it stopped for at least 15 minutes.
CJ: I think it was longer than that.
Libby: Probably. It was just not our day at all.

Do you think you would've had a chance if that hadn't happened?
No. We didn't have a chance at all that day. It was already too late when we missed the train. People were already so far ahead of us that there was no way to make up any time. Then, we got bad directions. Our taxi took us to the wrong place. It was just a lot of things that were out of our control. We chose to have fun while we were still in the race.

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You had a lot of trouble with directions or you got lost easily.
It wasn't really the directions. We just couldn't get any help. People were not that willing to help us. When they did help us, we got wrong directions. The taxi drivers talking to us and messing with us -- that was really our hardest part.
CJ: We had a really, really hard time. There was nothing we could do. We asked a lot of people and no one would help us for whatever reason. ... [The first leg] we figured we were going to beat [Jeff and Lyda] regardless because we left the dance before they did even though we got so lost.
Libby: When we got out of dance, we found somebody who did speak English and they did help us, but they gave us the wrong directions. We followed the directions to the letter, but they were wrong because they thought the park was a pastry shop. It was just, I guess, bad luck, but we survived that.

What do you think of the blind date twist?
I think the blind dates are awesome. It was so funny to see how things played out, how people were so different and so willing and ready to meet people. But everybody was awesome. I don't think we could've had a better cast.
CJ: It was something different you haven't seen on The Amazing Race. I don't know if any sparks flew.

They're doing better than the existing couples. The first two teams eliminated are established pairs.
That's so true. We definitely didn't see that coming. We thought they would have problems, but we did.
CJ: I think they have an advantage. I know what pushes her buttons and I know what not to say. But the blind dates, they don't care because at the end of the show, they can just split up and go their own way if it doesn't work out! But I still have to come home and she's still my girlfriend. You walk around on eggshells a little bit and you're probably not as blunt as you'd be to someone you just met, like "Come on! Hurry up!" You know what to say and what not to say when you've been dating someone.
Libby: Right, and I think we had more to lose. Our relationship would be affected, so I think that made it a little harder.

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What are you up to now?
Home, same ol', same ol'.
Libby: Still working on my ring. [Laughs]

What's it gonna take?
You're gonna have to ask CJ! What's it gonna take?
CJ: The Lord will reveal in due time. [Laughs]
Libby: But yeah, we're still just living our lives. I think this experience was a positive on our relationship. Communication has definitely increased. We're working toward marriage. Anything that happens from here on out is a blessing.

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