Shana Wall and Jennifer McCall, <EM>The Amazing Race</EM> Shana Wall and Jennifer McCall, The Amazing Race

Their bickering and poor navigation skills may have gotten Shana Wall and Jennifer McCall (aka the Blondes, Part 2) ousted from The Amazing Race 12, but it's their videotaped words that haunt them. On the road, they were full of zippy one-liners and quips they found funny in the moment. But as they've played back in prime time, they've painted the women in an unflattering light, teaching us all a lesson: Be careful what you say when you're on The Race, as your words may be used against you. What do you do in your daily lives that allowed you to take time off for the Race?
Jennifer McCall: Neither of us could just take off. I'm a legal assistant. I had to do six weeks worth of work to cover myself so I wouldn't lose my job. I had to work almost 18-hour days to make up for the time that I was gone. And Shana made big sacrifices.
Shana Wall: I'm an actress. And I had to take off that amount of time and not have an income. So I moved out of my apartment. I put all my stuff in storage and said, "Let's go for this! Hopefully I'll come back with half a million dollars." That was a big gamble. Where are you living now?
Shana: At my parents' house. But it was worth it. It seemed like the Lithuania leg wasn't for you. You two fought all the time. You almost died, then you came in last place.
Shana: We loved, loved, loved Lithuania. It was one of our favorite places. It was breathtakingly beautiful.
Jennifer: And the people went out of their way to help us. After the roadblock, we got a little lost [on the way to the next village]. This woman was walking down the street, and I asked if she knew where the next stop was. Even though she had groceries in her hand, she got in our car and drove with us, probably more than a mile, just to show us the exact highway that we needed to be on. Then she got out and walked back.
Shana: That happened during the roadblock that I did, too. A bunch of people ran with me when I asked for their help.
Jennifer: They didn't show this, but Shana was only gone 10 or 15 minutes at most for that roadblock.
Shana: This was the roadblock where I had to do four things in a row. Gramps and Grandson were there for two-and-a-half hours.
Jennifer: And Shana finished it in 15 minutes. We did this all the time, though. The donkeys [in Ireland]? We ran that donkey and we passed six teams to get ahead. But then we got lost trying to get to the museum.
Shana: Our downfall was our navigating and our driving. How did you decide who would do the driving?
Shana: I would navigate and Jen would drive most of the time because I thought I was better at navigating and she was better at driving — except for the bus incident. Speaking of that, Jen, how many times did you have to apologize later for almost getting your team killed?
Shana: Well, it was just one of those things that happened. She backed out and the bus was coming. The car stalled. She couldn't get it to go because it was a stick shift. She apologized. After that, we were in race mode again. We didn't really think about it anymore. Let's talk about the U-turn you used on Lorena and Jason last week. It seemed like Jen didn't want to use it but Shana did.
Jennifer: I thought it was too early in the race. I had no problem with the idea of using a U-turn; I just wanted to do it later in the game. After the U-turn, you two seemed to be arguing more.
Shana: That was editing. We were arguing the same in the beginning as we did at the end.
Jennifer: But they showed it more at the very end.
Shana: When we argued, it was just in the moment. As soon as we'd get to each pit stop, we'd give each other a hug.
Jennifer: And it was a distant memory. Shana and I were so supportive of each other. When she fell in the mud, I was helping her get herself together and get into dry clothes. Shana was sick almost the entire race.
Shana: I got bronchitis in Ireland on Day 1 because it was pouring rain and freezing. Several times throughout the show, you admitted that you're normally very pampered women. What was the hardest thing to do without?
Shana: I would not say that we're super-pampered. We weren't thinking of manicures, pedicures or any of that because we were just racing, racing, racing. But the questions [producers] asked were, "This is different from your life back in Los Angeles. You're not going to get a manicure, pedicure here." So we were answering questions. What other things did you say on camera that you now wish you hadn't?
Jennifer: I'm upset about the Africa comment. The way they edited it, TK and Rachel were standing there and you could see a woman walking down the aisle. TK says, "Did you smell that woman?" And, all of a sudden they pan to us, and Shana says, "Jen, is that a new outfit you're wearing? Is that new perfume you're wearing?"
Shana: We were kidding around. We'd been on that train for three hours. We'd been deeply affected the whole time, looking at all these people. They didn't show any of that. I said that because we stank. We were in Africa for days, sleeping on the ground, and we hadn't showered.
Jennifer: We hadn't changed clothes for nine days.
Shana: I was referring to us, but during the editing they cut over to another woman on the train who wasn't even sitting next to us and made it seem like I was referring to people in Africa's clothing or smell. What about the time Jen said "We're going to be sold to people for money"?
Shana: That was our lighthearted sense of humor.
Jennifer: I hope this isn't taken wrong, but Shana would get a little panicky because we were getting lost all the time. When we were in [Bingo] and it started storming, she couldn't see the street names and she was trying to ask the driver in French, "What street are we on?" And he wasn't answering. So, I was saying, "Where do you think they're taking us? They're going to take us to be sold for money." It was a joke. Now I realize I probably shouldn't have said that. But that's my humor. I highly doubt people in Africa are going to pay for us. Come on. In the first episode, you two announced you were planning to flirt your way around the world and "use our bodies however we need to." What happened?
Shana: Little joke. They asked us if we would be willing to flirt and we said we would happily flirt our way through the competition if we needed to—that would be one of our many strategies.
Jennifer: Maybe on Survivor you can flirt your way through. In the Race, you can flirt with locals and maybe try to get information and money from begging. But otherwise, looking the way we did, I don't know how we could have flirted with anyone.
Shana: We certainly weren't feeling sexy and hot, let me tell you. Of the teams left in the race, who's your favorite?
Jennifer: TK and Rachel.
Shana: Ron and Christina because they're very nice and they've been so supportive and sweet. I had very bad bronchitis and Ron was giving me his special Chinese vitamins. He would have four left and he'd give me two of them. He was like a father figure to us. When I was soaking wet after the camel thing in Africa, I had no dry clothes in my bag and I was just sick. And Christina gave me her dry coat so I could take off my wet shirt. They were very kindhearted people. Which airline had the best food and perks?
Jennifer: Aer Lingus pops into my head because we flew that a lot. But I'll be honest: I was so grateful for any food brought me.
Shana: We were just grateful to be on a plane because we knew we'd probably be getting food. There were times when we had to pay for the food. And if we did, then we just didn't eat, because we couldn't spend money on food. So we would literally be begging the stewardess for a cracker and some water.
Jennifer: It got to a point where I was looking at the food people were going to throw away and I was thinking about asking them if I could eat it.
Shana: If we ever got to a hotel or a waiting room or something that had sugar packets, we were putting them in our backpacks. And I think it took a while to kick that habit once we were done racing. How much weight did you lose during the race?
Jennifer: We were there 14 days. I lost 12 pounds.
Shana: And I probably lost 10 pounds. I wasted away to nothing. When you first arrived in Burkina Faso, why did you do the Teach It Detour instead of the Learn It one, which seemed easier, like you'd have more control over the outcome?
Jennifer: Shana's a really good teacher.
Shana: And we hadn't eaten or slept in days. So for us to retain information and learn something would have been rough. But I knew I could teach a kid.
Jennifer: The first word he knew was hamburger. It broke my heart when he could say hamburger.
Shana: I just wanted to give him a hamburger. Afterward we spent a lot of time hugging him and telling him how great he was. And he was so happy and excited to have learned these words. Have you sent any money or anything back to the school?
Shana: We knew we were going to be in places that deeply affected us like that. So, ahead of time, I packed a bunch of jewelry, bracelets, candy and stuff. And Jen and I literally emptied out our bags after that Teach It detour.
Jennifer: I had a mango. It was the only thing that I had in my bag foodwise, and I gave them that.
Shana: And the looks on their faces...
Jennifer: I would maybe like to start a perfume that smells worldly called Salon d'Afrique and donate the proceeds to African education. This is not in the works or anything. That was just a thought. Let's end on a high note. What was your favorite part?
Jennifer: It was in Africa: Educating that child really inspired me on such a spiritual level, it will be with me for the rest of my life. The joy and the genuineness.
Shana: I will never forget his face. Also, going through this experience, you're tested in every way and you do things that you think you could have never done. I mean, I hoisted furniture that weighed more than me up a seven-story building. The race helped us realize anything you decide to do and set your mind to do you can do it. We both came back with that attitude; it's helping propel us forward in our lives every day.

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