Amazing Race 9
You could argue that Eric and

Jeremy and B.J. and Tyler are having fun because they're winning, but I think they're actually winning because they're having fun. Doing silly things like walking onto the mat backwards, flirting with the locals and having wheelchair obstacle-course races makes them relaxed and more capable of making decisions and following directions. Meanwhile, if Lake would just stop ordering Michelle around and cursing about the other teams, they might stop making dumb mistakes. Fran is my new hero for telling Lake to "Please, step back" at the ticket counter. Maybe the agents in Munich also hated the nasty dentist, since they so readily told everyone but them about the faster connection to Palermo. And oh, how I cringed at everyone's butchering of those very simple, clear syllables: "Paller-mo," "Pamero," "Pallomino." I was afraid that Fran and Barry would make yet another really bad detour decision, but thankfully, only MoJo and Ray and Yolanda chose to wear themselves out with those heavy bells. Jeremy snuck in a zinger during the laundry challenge: "This is one of Phil's turtlenecks!" But I enjoyed B.J. and Tyler's more subtle reference to TAR's Season 5 one wore a T-shirt that said "Bowling" and the other wore "Moms." I'd like to know the story behind that one. Tyler also said what we were all thinking when their prize for first place turned out to be a big ad for Duracell: "Whoa! Digital imaging!" Meanwhile, Ray finally made his mark. First he powered up the steps with the bell on his shoulder, then he put that statue together with a totally cool head and still had enough in the tank for them to run to the mat. It's not really a surprise that Lake decided they should use the Yield against poor Dani and Danielle. He's mean and he hates women. I could just feel the Pink Girls' hot tears of anger. I was actually even angrier at Lori and Dave for not yielding Lake and Michelle. If you've already realized you have a physical disadvantage, my nerdy lovebirds, it's time to play your other cards. Maybe now that the other teams will realize why the Pink Girls lost and the kind of game Lake and Michelle are playing, they'll band together against the enemy!