Amanda Tapping, <EM>Stargate SG-1</EM> Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1

This Friday night, the members of Stargate SG-1 (8 pm/ET, on Sci Fi Channel) will get a shock when they discover that one of their own has been brainwashed by the evil Ori. Amanda Tapping, who plays gutsy astrophysicist Samantha Carter on the long-running series, spoke with us about SG-1's final tales and her transfer to Stargate Atlantis.

TV Guide: What's this about Daniel Jackson becoming a Prior of the Ori?
Amanda Tapping:
I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. [Laughs] Poor Daniel has really been through it. He's ascended, and now he's a Prior. The Ori is a fundamentalist religious group, and Daniel gets tortured into their ways. It's a good team episode about us trying to save our friend.

TV Guide: What can we expect in the last six TV episodes?
We gear up to wrapping the Ori story line. It's a buildup to [the 2008 made-for-video release, Arc of Truth] we're shooting now. In the final SG-1 episode, we're stuck in a time-dilation field and we grow old together. That's pretty cool.

TV Guide: Sam Carter is joining Stargate Atlantis next season. What will her function be?
She comes over initially to help out with a situation and then ends up being brought back as the commander. She takes Weir's place.

TV Guide: There has been some fan controversy over that.
Whenever a character who people love leaves, it's always difficult. It's completely amicable and I think the fans need to know that. There's no ill will in terms of me coming over, or Torri [Higginson, aka Dr. Elizabeth Weir] leaving.

TV Guide: What's it like to be part of a show that attracts such devotion?
I'm amazed that before SG-1 even aired we had a fan base talking about potential episodes. And now when I meet the fans, they know more about the show than I do. This encyclopedic knowledge is interesting — a lot of fans have been there since the beginning. It's an intense fan base, that's for sure!

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