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Report: Amanda Bynes Threatens Parents in New Audio Recording

Amanda Bynes threated to kill her parents in an audio recording obtained by TMZ.

Sadie Gennis

Amanda Bynes threated to kill her parents in an audio recording obtained by TMZ.

The website posted what it claims is a recording of the actress taped last week by one of Bynes' roommates. In the recording, Bynes says, "I haven't decided how I want to murder [my father] ... Nothing would give me greater pleasure than, like, slitting his throat. That is what I would love to do."

"So like I'm not gonna, like, ever do such a thing, but, like, I call my mom and, like, I threaten to kill her, and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to, like, burn down her house and, like, I said a bunch of sh-- like that," Bynes continues.

A timeline of Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior

"I'm gonna continue telling you guys I'm gonna murder my family, like, 'cause that's the thing that, like, they're in control of my money, and that's why I don't have much money right now," the actress says. Bynes' complaints on the recording echo her recent tweets in which she complains about the latest conservatorship she's been placed under.

Bynes also went on a cruel rant against the roommate who shared the tape, allegedly with the intention that it might incite Bynes to get medical help. "I will make fun of you, but it will be subtle... like, I will shoot you in the face with an ugly insult. Like, congratulations -- that's what you guys get. ... You're the unhottest guy ever... You're so gay it hurts my feelings," Bynes told her roommate.

After the tapes were released, Bynes apologized for verbally attacking her roommate, but not her parents. "Oh my god I am so sorry I called my friend wayne ugly he's not ugly," Bynes tweeted. "I apologize to everyone that I called ugly but everyone has been making me act so ugly by posting horrible shots of me that i cant help but."