Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes

Usually, when the name Amanda Bynes is used in the same sentence as Twitter, it's time to brace yourself for something surprising. But after going silent on the social media site for weeks, the former Nickelodeon star returned with a simple and reassuring message for fans. She just likes to shop.

A timeline of Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior

Bynes sent out a tweet Saturday afternoon from the dressing room of Jules, a boutique clothing store in Los Angeles' Valley Village, with a picture of her trying on some new clothes. She wrote, "I'm loving Boutique Jules!" It may seem unremarkable, but for Bynes' admirers, this relatively normal tweet may indicate that the self-admitted bipolar disorder sufferer is on the road to recovery.

The troubled actress hadn't Tweeted since November 10—that's 26 days—when she unveiled a picture of herself getting her hair dyed lavender. Bynes has been noteworthy on Twitter for posting cryptic and damaging messages, including one that alleged her father had sexually abused her, which forced her parents to place her in a psychiatric hold. She was released from the hold at the end of October.

The only thing unusual about this weekend's tweet is that she's wearing sunglasses inside. That's hardly an offense, particularly in Southern California, where sunglasses are worn as though they're surgically attached to faces.

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