Poster art courtesy PETA Poster art courtesy PETA

Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Amanda Beard was forced to cancel plans to unveil a naked anti-fur poster at a Bejiing press conference Wednesday after Chinese security officials shut down the event. She instead opted to debut the picture near the Athletes' Village - due to safety concerns.

The poster of the 26-year-old swimmer (who is no stranger to posing nude, having done so for Playboy in 2007) features Beard naked in front of the U.S. flag and the slogan "Be comfortable in your own skin. Don't wear fur."

A spokesperson for PETA told the AP, "Amanda didn't want her voice to be silenced, so we went ahead and arranged something else."

Meanwhile, the stars-and-stripes unfurled behind Beard is backwards - when draped vertically, the blue field should be in the upper- left. "We are now aware that the American flag... is hanging incorrectly," a PETA rep tells "This was an oversight on our part, and we sincerely regret the error." - Erin Fox, with additional reporting by Matt Mitovich