Prepare for a lot of Alyssa Milano on your TV in 2018!

The actress-producer announced three huge projects on Tuesday. She's developing a comedy that she'll star in called Alyssa Milano for Mayor for Lifetime, got promoted to series regular on Netflix's Insatiable, and is also adapting her graphic novel Hactivist into a potential series for The CW, according to Deadline.

As the title of the Lifetime comedy teases, Milano will play an exaggerated version of herself in the vein of Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm or James Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23. Through a weird series of events, Milano will become the mayor of a suburban town and have to navigate the mind-numbing minutia of community politics.

Netflix Picks Up The CW's Discarded Beauty Pageant Pilot Insatiable

Also on the acting front, Milano is stepping up her role in Netflix's Insatiable — which was originally discaredd by The CW — after starting off as a guest-star in the show's pilot. The series is based on lawyer Bill Alverson's turn from law to beauty pageant coaching. Milano plays his "social-climbing wife" as he tries to turn a bullied teenager into the next teenage pageant queen.

Milano's relationship with The CW isn't completely sour though. She's returning to them to turn Hactivist into a television show. The network attempted to develop it last pilot season but eventually rolled on the project. Now the series has a new writer in Grant Thompson who will try to take the story of Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox, "two twentysomething best friends and co-founders of the most important social networking company in the world, who are recruited to work secretly for the CIA," to a series order.

Honestly, it's exhausting just having to write about all of that let alone having to be part of all of it. Get ready for the Milano takeover in 2018.