Alyssa Milano, <EM>My Name Is Earl</EM> Alyssa Milano, My Name Is Earl

Earl may have karma on his side, but so far he has been unlucky in love. Tonight, however, his romantic fortunes may be about to change when Alyssa Milano, our favorite Charmed one, joins My Name Is Earl (8 pm/ET, NBC) in a recurring role that will last at least until December.

TV Guide: Tell us about your character.
Alyssa Milano:
I play Billie, who starts out as the girlfriend of Michael Rapaport's Frank, who is friends with Earl in prison. You sort of feel a connection between my character and Earl, but then they go their separate ways. Through a series of events and destiny, they bump into each other again, and her life [begins] running parallel to Earl's.

TV Guide: Would you want to star in another TV series?
Milano: I think that anything that I choose to do now has to be an extension of who I am. If the right project comes along, I'd absolutely do it.

TV Guide: Is there anything else you are working on?
I have a film coming out [Nov. 30] called Pathology with [Heroes'] Milo Ventimiglia. And then I start production in November on a Lifetime movie that I'm also producing, called Wisegal. It's based on a true story about a woman who is widowed with two children, and in order to make ends meet, she gets caught up in the mob and winds up being in a position of power.

TV Guide: What about your gig as an Internet playoff commentator for
I've had my baseball blog this entire season and have created this great baseball-fan community, but this is my first time doing commentary. I'm going into it as the voice of the fan. I'm obviously not a professional sports commentator — and I'm not going to try to be — so my angle is to be the crazy fanatic with great access.

TV Guide: Who are you rooting for to get into the World Series?
Now that my Dodgers are out, um, I would have to say the Cubs. I think if you're a baseball fan and your team is out, you've got to root for the Cubs.

TV Guide: Becoming a cover girl for mags like Maxim and Stuff certainly seemed to give you more exposure.
If I didn't feel confident in the human being that I am, it would probably mean more to me. But at this point, in my midthirties, I just feel blessed that people are interested. Ya know? [Laughs]

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