Almost Human Experience Almost Human Experience

If the future involves coffee-spouting jetpacks and GIF walls, bring it on!

Yesterday and today, the streets of New York have been overrun by Almost Human, Fox's upcoming sci-fi series about a cop and his android partner, which is being showcased in an interactive exhibit outside of Macy's on Herald Square.

Featuring tricked-out police vehicles and set pieces from the futuristic series, the Almost Human Experience (which runs until 6 p.m.Thursday) kicked off Wednesday morning with an appearance by Minka Kelly, who costars alongside Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, and an invasion of flack-jacketed MX-43's, the show's emotion-free crime fighters. In addition to the props and robocops, the tented event also offers visitors the chance to create their own Almost GIFS, screen footage from the series, and juice up — both with java from vendors dispensing hot coffee from their high-tech backpacks, as well as actual power from the MXs, who were outfitted with phone-charging battery packs.

If you can't make it to Manhattan, Fox has also unveiled, a website dedicated to the operating systems, abilities and tech specs of Human's central cyborgs. Check out the oddly eerie faux-mercial touting the benefits of police androids here, and let us know in the comments what you think. 

Almost Human premieres on Fox with a two-night launch on November 17 and 18. Are you planning to watch?

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