Allison Williams Allison Williams

Ever since Allison Williams was announced as the lead in NBC's Peter Pan Live!, we've been curious how the Girls star would pull of The Boy Who Won't Grow Up. Verdict: Not bad.

Fall TV: Familiar faces in new places

Williams' Pan attempts to turn the fairy tale hero into a more modern badass (who, frankly, looks a bit like a Broadway version of an '80s bike messenger).

NBC has replaced Pans' signature tights with skintight Bermuda shorts and added some questionable fishnet sleeves. Oh, and case you were wondering, it's a wig.

But while the costuming is all well and good, the real question remains: Can she fly? Williams' casting announcement promised she was a "dynamic flier" and in a video the actress shared a few weeks ago, it seems she's doing her best to live up to the hype.

Watch a video of Williams discussing the role below. Peter Pan Live! Will air on Thursday, Dec. 4 on NBC.

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