Alicia Rhett Alicia Rhett

Gone with the Wind actress Alicia Rhett has died, according to the Associated Press. She was 98.

Rhett passed away on Friday at the Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community in Charleston, S.C. where she had lived since 2002.

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Born in Savannah, Ga, moved to Charleston where she became a theatre actress. It was during a local production that the original director for Gone with the Wind spotted her during a talent search. Initially considered for the role of Melanie Hamilton, she was later cast as spinster India Wilkes. After gaining fame in the 1939 film, Rhett retired from acting in 1941 and went back to Charleston where she was a painter, an accent coach and a radio announcer.

Rhett, who never married, was the oldest surviving credited cast member of the film.