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Welcome to his nightmare. Shock-rock pioneer Alice Cooper (né Vincent Furnier), famous for his theatrical live act, receives a career-achievement award tonight, as Spike honors the best in horror, sci-fi and fantasy at Scream Awards 2007 (10 pm/ET) a film, TV and comic-book gala featuring categories like Best Horror Movie and Most Memorable Mutilation.

TV Guide: You're receiving something called the Rock Immortal Award.
Alice Cooper:
They did say immortal, right? Not immoral? [Laughs]

TV Guide: Immortal. Do you feel it?
Well, I'm in better shape at 59 than I was at 29…. If you look at the bands that are still here from that '60s era, it's all guitar-driven hard-rock bands. Ozzy's still around. Aerosmith's still around. Young bands call us "dinosaurs," and I correct them: "Actually, we're carnivores and we eat small bands like you."

TV Guide: Ozzy received the Rock Immortal Award last year. How do you feel about his and other rockers' forays into reality TV?
I would never do reality TV. You give up too much mystique. When you see Ozzy cleaning up dog poop, it takes away from that mythical character. I think the [less] you see Alice in a normal situation, the better.

TV Guide: You've done some famous TV appearances, from The Muppet Show to Hollywood Squares.
Maybe the oddest one was The Snoop Sisters [NBC, 1973-74], with Helen Hayes and Mil­dred Natwick. They were two old ladies who were detectives. I was one of those characters they came to for information. I did a scene with Helen Hayes. You couldn't find two people farther apart!

TV Guide: Do you watch much TV?
I'm a big TV fan. I used to love the old Westerns: Cheyenne, Bronco, Sugarfoot, Maverick. But Deal or No Deal has become a religious experience at my house. My son, my mom, my daughter… everything stops when Deal or No Deal comes on. I never knew Howie Mandel meant so much to my family.

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