Alias is finally back and apparently Vaughn's alive... a fact that would have been a surprise had the commercials promo'ing this episode not come right out and said he was still kicking. Anyway, judging by the last conversation between Jack and Sydney, wherein daddy Bristow told his daughter that he'd "take care of it," juxtaposed with the scene in Bhutan of a monk telling Vaughn that he was a daddy, it seems that Syd and Jack planned Vaughn's fake death. If so, I'm so proud of her for giving her mom a nice guilt trip. Especially after her mother came right out and said that she never wanted to have a child and that her first reaction upon seeing Sydney was, "How could I have made such a horrible mistake?" Just a note, Irina, that's not what you tell a woman while she's in labor. But I have to say that even though the Bristow clan is completely dysfunctional, it was entertaining to watch the three of them working a con on the bank manager.While Syd was "waddling" or "teetering," as Dixon so eloquently pointed out they still managed to get a bunch of fun action in. Totally digging Renee, who tortured a suspect by making him into a hood ornament and then driving at breakneck speeds. Awesome! And even Kelly Peyton got in some cool moves and flaunted her badass attitude, before the explosion that Jack caused stalled her for a little while. She even showed a bit of humor during the middle of the gunfight saying, "Where's Sydney registered? I'd love to get her a gift for the baby." Now that's funny. Also funny? Marshall, of course, who was so happy to be a part of Jack's secret conspiracy. Cute that his field name is Merlin. And Weiss, of course, lightened up the mood after saving the team's butts at CIA HQ, telling them to just call next time. A couple of questions though: Grace was looking for the Cardinal... is he part of Prophet 5? Where can I get one of those cool wi-fi cell-phone gadgets that Rachel snuck into the CIA? It still seems like Prophet 5 had another ulterior motive for saving the baby, right? Did we know before that Jack was one of the seven "Alpha Black" guys in the CIA? And didn't I see that Mack truck/transport vehicle crash just this week on Prison Break , or just last season on Alias

, or in The Fugitive?