Alfred Molina's career is all over the showbiz map. He's currently Tony-nominated for his portrayal of Tevye, the meddling father in Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof. He plays himself in the indie film Coffee and Cigarettes (now in theaters). Plus, as most comic-book geeks already know, he'll raise hell as Doctor Octopus in the much-hyped Spider-Man 2. And boy, did he beat out some heavyweight Hollywood competition for that big-paycheck part!

"[Director] Sam Raimi saw a whole bunch of us character actors," Molina reveals. "It was me, Ed Harris, Chris Cooper and Christopher Walken. We were all actors on a list because we all had movies that made a bit of a splash. Chris had a SAG nomination and an Oscar nomination. Ed Harris had an Oscar nomination. I had gotten a SAG nomination and a BAFTA nomination for Frida."

Preview details about the sequel have been slim, which only heightens fans' curiosity and expectations. Molina realizes that many Spidey lovers await this flick with baited breath, and he hopes they won't be disappointed. "As with every transfer from one medium to another, you can't be concerned with making a direct copy of that original thing," he says. "You have to change it in some way and make it new again. There are design changes, and he doesn't look the same as the Doc Oc in the comic book."

When asked what kind of changes, he laughs, "You'll have to put down your 10 bucks and find out!"