Alex Kingston Alex Kingston

The doctor is in. Dr. Elizabeth Corday, that is.

Over the holidays, an airdate was set for Alex Kingston's return to ER as Dr. Mark Greene's widow.

Kingston, whose original ER run spanned seven seasons (from 1997 to 2004), will resurface in the Jan. 15 episode, when Neela goes in for an attending interview and is surprised to run into Dr. Corday.

"I've been gone five years but it seems like yesterday," Kingston said in an interview when her return first was announced. "It'll be great to see everyone again."

Kingston's is the latest encore confirmed for ER's final season. Most recently, Anthony Edwards appeared as Mark (albeit in cleverly reconstructed flashbacks revolving around Angela Basset's Dr. Cate Banfield).  Also expected back during the long-running medical drama's final months are Noah Wyle and Eriq La Salle (though only as a director).

ER's series finale is set for March 12.