Alec Baldwin by Kevin Mazur/ Alec Baldwin by Kevin Mazur/
Alec Baldwin admitted that he became suicidal after his ex-wife Kim Basinger's lawyer Harvey Levin posted Baldwin's infamous belligerent voice mail to his daughter, Ireland, on TMZ. The star of NBC's

30 Rock chronicles the events surrounding the voice mail, as well as his bitter custody battle with Basinger for the last six years in his new book, A Promise to Ourselves, says The New York Daily News . The book does not bash Basinger as much as it does Levin. Baldwin writes that his rage in the voice mail was not directed at his daughter, but more at the situation. Baldwin had been trying to reach his daughter but "she was off for spring break with her mother and her phone was turned off for 10 consecutive days... This had gone on for years now and... when the beep came, I snapped." As for Levin's role, Baldwin says, "[Levin] seemed to be that breed of tabloid creature that realized an almost sexual level of pleasure from ruining other people's lives." After the tape was released Baldwin took a drive up to the Berkshires, where he first contemplated killing himself. He writes, "I began to think about what little town I would repair to in order to commit suicide. What semi-remote Massachusetts state park could I hike deep into and overdose there? When I returned to New York, the thought of jumping out the window of my apartment was with me every night for weeks." Baldwin says he loves his daughter with all his heart and that the book is really about exposing the legal system - which he says tends to prolong clients' suffering instead of ending it. What do you think about Baldwin's excuses for his behavior and his claims of being suicidal? - Erin Fox Related " Baldwin Apologizes to NBC Shows " Watch Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock Using Our Online Video Guide