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Alec Baldwin hosted the 37th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, breaking the record for most times hosting (16). The 30 Rock star surpassed his It's Complicated co-star and one-time Oscar co-host, Steve Martin, who made a surprise appearance during Baldwin's monologue to make sure he was doing it "honestly" — without the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. Seth Rogen joined Baldwin and Martin on stage as a "drug expert," even though Martin didn't seem to need the help and performed the urine test in a pretty stomach-turning way:

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A day after All My Children ended its 41-year TV run, SNL paid tribute to the daytime soap by showing a behind-the-scenes goodbye party where former lighting designers, stage managers and other crew members came out of the woodwork to bid the show adieu. Similar to the outrageous on-screen story lines, some were thought to be dead, one was in a coma and another was suffering from amnesia:

With help from a gray wig and a prosthetic nose, Baldwin impersonated Tony Bennett to review the latest flicks (and Storage Wars), tell a few stories and plug his current sponsor, Poise Panties:

If Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel had sex, who would be the top? What about Roberto Benigni and Gerard Depardieu? Timon and Pumba from The Lion King? Those were among the burning questions during the game show Who's on Top? (sponsors coming soon, at least they hope):