Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin

As 30 Rock begins its seventh and final season Thursday on NBC (8/7c), Alec Baldwin (Jack Donaghy) says the cast is in a reflective mood. "Everybody's got very mixed feelings," says the actor, who recently filmed Woody Allen's latest untitled feature in New York. "I think mostly people are very sad, because it's been a great experience and we'll never be able to duplicate this again. I'll also never have as good a job as this — ever."

Tina Fey Gets Ready for the End of 30 Rock

The two-time Emmy-winner says the cast and crew have had plenty of time to prepare. "We've known from the beginning that it was going to end sooner than later. After Seasons 5 and 6 they would advise us — [people said], 'We're going to get the word any day now that it's run its course.' Now they told us this year would be it."

Currently serving as Honorary Chairman of the 20th annual Hamptons International Film Festival (held Oct. 4-8), Baldwin says he's curious about what's out there for the cast in an industry that's "changed so much in the past six years." Yet he's most intrigued about the future of his onscreen employee and off-screen boss, Tina Fey. "The most compelling thing I think about is what's going to happen to Tina, because she'll be able to do whatever she wants to do," he says. (Fey recently signed a deal with Universal Television to develop projects over the next four years and possibly star in one of them.)

"She's such a fertile writer that there are so many things she can do," Baldwin adds. "People say she's going to be like [the late] Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers, but she may end up being like Woody, where she writes, produces, directs and acts in films as well. I know there are a lot of great things ahead for Tina, especially."

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