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The Rock was rockin' as the cast and producers of Alcatraz broke into San Francisco's most infamous prison on Wednesday night for their premiere party. It was an especially memorable night for stars Jorge Garcia, Sarah Jones and Jeffrey Pierce, who returned to the island after filming part of the pilot on location. "It's exciting!" Garcia told TV Guide Magazine. "We started shooting this thing a year ago, so it's kind of cool to have a year anniversary on The Rock." "It feels complete, we need to be here," added Jones.

As for Pierce, his bad guy character Jack Sylvain appears in the pilot as the first former Alcatraz prisoner to reappear after 50 years, but there might be more to his story in future episodes. "What's going to be fascinating about the show is the piece by piece revelation of why they're doing what they're doing," Pierce teases. "That is going to be the secret surprise in the Cracker Jack box. There are going to be a lot of twists and turns, I guarantee it."

The show isn't wasting any time with those big revelations, including a stunning reveal about Parminder Nagra's character backstory at the end of the second hour. "Nobody is quite as they seem," Nagra teases, noting that her relationship with Sam Neill's character in the past is "something to explore further." Added Jones: "I feel like I don't know something. On the boat ride here, one of the writers came up to me and said 'just wait until you see what happens.'"

During the party, the cast dined in the mess hall, posed for photos in the shower room and introduced the screening in cell block D. The real-life Alcatraz rangers even taught Garcia how to open the cell doors before locking him inside for a few photos. "OK, you can open it up now!" laughed Garcia. Even though production has moved north to Vancouver, Garcia hints the opportunity to return to Alcatraz is still on the table. "There are certain things that this city has that are very signature to the look," says Garcia. "It would be fun to showcase that every now and again."

Alcatraz premieres Monday, January 16 at 8/7c on Fox.

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