Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia

Lucy is alive! Kind of.

Though the third outing of Alcatraz didn't provide an answer as to whether Dr. Lucy Banerjee (Parminder Nagra) woke up from the coma she slipped into following the sniper shooting, we did get a glimpse into her 1960s past on the island. Not only was she a psychologist, but she planned to reform the prisoners of Alcatraz with... memory-erasing experiments?! That's just one of the new mysteries that Alcatraz introduced this week. Let's take a look at the others:

Dissecting Alcatraz's Mysteries: How many '63s are working with Hauser?

Why doesn't Hauser (Sam Neill) go semi-public with the information about the '63s?
When Cal Sweeney (Eric Johnson), a '63, falls back into his old habit of robbing banks, Rebecca (Sarah Jones) & Co. are forced to help him escape lest the cops catch him and figure out who he really is. Sure, it may sound crazy to admit there are some time-traveling convicts on the loose, but maybe if Hauser just filled in a few San Francisco higher-ups, they could catch the '63s quicker. Just us?

How did Lucy think she could rewire the prisoners?
At Deputy Warden E.B. Tiller's birthday party, Dr. Lucille Sengupta (or Sanguppy, as Dr. Beauregard called Lucy) explains that she plans to get to the root of each of the prisoners' problems by tapping into their memories. By erasing whatever memories that triggered their criminal activity, she believes she can rewire them to be good. But how? Was all the bloodletting from the previous episodes part of the plan? Was Lucy's memory-tampering experiment part of the cause of the '63s' disappearance? 

Again, what's with the numbers?
As evidenced by the first three episodes, the Alcatraz producers seem to have a fascination with the No. 3. Sniper Ernest Cobb (Joe Egender) went on a shooting spree over three days, Kit Nelson (Michael Eklund) kidnapped boys for three days before killing them, and Sweeney wooed three banks tellers to rob three banks. And there's a preoccupation with No. 11: Diego (Jorge Garcia) was kidnapped at age 11, the last time he drove was age 11 and Kit killed 11-year-old boys.

Parminder Nagra's reaction to Alcatraz premiere: "Already? You're killing me off?"

What's inside the room that the mysterious keys unlock?
Whoever is pulling the strings have now sent both Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) and Sweeney after large silver keys, even though the two '63s have no idea why they're so important. Hauser has an idea: These keys may be the clue to "how the prisoners jumped." However, the keys are laser-cut and came from a time before that piece of technology existed, so how is that possible? The keys apparently unlock a secret door in the lower part of the prison. Could this be the unexplained "downstairs" that Thomas Madsen (David Hoflin) mentioned in the series premiere?

What burning questions do you have about Alcatraz? And will you be tuning in to find out the answers? In case you missed our previous Dissections:
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