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The person who might've been the most dangerous man on Alcatraz may not have actually died.

This week's episode of Alcatraz revealed that Warden James (Jonny Coyne) might be alive — and that's not all. Could he be one of our Powers That Be. With the return of the Ames brothers (Graham Shiels and Travis Aaron Wade) and Officer Donovan, who tried to track down an urban legend of gold on the island, along with the reappearance of angry former kidnapper Sonny Burnett (Theo Rossi), Rebecca (Sarah Jones), Diego (Jorge Garcia) and Hauser (Sam Neill) were scrambling to bring these new '63s to justice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Beauregard (Leon Rippy) uncovered a disturbing new truth about the '63s: They are healing rapidly. It's just one of the new mysteries that Alcatraz introduced this week. Let's take a look at the others:

Dissecting Alcatraz's Mysteries: Will the '63s ever age?

If Hauser has such a big operation — secret prison, endless funding — why wasn't there backup on the island for the team?
It's understandable that there was a huge storm on the island, but when there are more than 300 returning criminals who could pop up at a moment's notice, shouldn't there be more protection focused on Alcatraz?

If Diego knew where the dungeon was, why hasn't he tried to go through that door?
After assuming to know everything there is to know about the Rock, and then learning that he's mostly been wrong this whole time, why wouldn't Diego try to find out what's in the dungeon? Especially since he knew there was a legend about gold hidden on the island...

Why did Officer Donovan enlist the Ames brothers to find the gold?
Since he was a prison guard, he could have just as easily gotten the Warden's keys gone into the dungeons himself. Why did he need to work with two-bit criminals?

Why was there no box for Officer Donovan?
Every other guard and inmate that disappeared in 1963 has a box of their possessions down in the cellar. Rebecca and Diego have rifled through the items to obtain clues as to where the '63s may be. But Donovan didn't have a box.

Why was there gold on the island?
Apparently there was gold from the Civil War hidden in the dungeon behind one of the large doors. Since the Ames brothers had the wrong keys, there is clearly more than one door, with the other leading to the mysterious "downstairs" that Tommy Madsen (David Hoflin) previously spoke of.

Dissecting Alcatraz's Mysteries: Show bosses answer burning questions!

What happened to the key copies that the Ames brothers made?
If the Warden always had the originals on him, one could presume he had them on him during the big event of '63. Which means the keys that the returning '63s are trying to track down could be the key copies made by the Ames brothers. If they're not the key copies, how did the original keys end up in other people's possession and why are the '63s trying to track them down?

If Ray Archer (Robert Forster) knew there was something going on, why didn't he try to stop it?
Ray told Tommy that he would find out what the prison doctors were doing to him, but why didn't he just blow the whole thing open by reporting it to the outside world?

Is the Warden a '63?
When Hauser questioned Officer Donovan, he revealed that he knew about the keys. "Has he come back? Is he the one willing to kill for these keys?" Hauser asked. Does this mean the Warden is also a '63 we'll soon see return? Or might he be part of the powers that be who are pulling the strings? If the Warden was a '63, why wasn't Deputy Warden E.B. Tiller (Jason Butler Harner), who was killed in the series premiere?

Why are the '63s healing quickly?
Dr. Beauregard noted that any ailments the prisoners used to have are now gone, and their current wounds are healing much more rapidly than normal. He mentions that he only decanted the prisoners blood while on the island, so how did this super blood, with the magically healing colloidal silver, get into their veins? And why was it put there?

Why did Tommy want to kill Rebecca's partner?
Rebecca made a good point: Tommy could've run away, but instead, he came back and tried to kill Rebecca's partner

How did Sonny Burnett survive his stabbing if he had no colloidal silver in his blood?
Beauregard said that Sonny died for 30 seconds, so how did he come back to life? Did Beauregard infuse him with the colloidal silver? The doc insisted he didn't know about the silver back then, so did Sonny just luck out?

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