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Alcatraz's second outing didn't offer up as many new mysteries as the series premiere, but the few that were dished out were enough to whet our appetites for more.

Instead, the episode featured Hauser (Sam Neill), Rebecca (Sarah Jones) and Diego (Jorge Garcia) on the hunt for notorious child killer Kit Nelson (Fringe's Michael Eklund), who happens to be one of the missing '63s, a group of prisoners who mysterious disappeared from Alcatraz island in 1963.

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Kit's eventual capture did bring up a few new questions, though. Let's take a look at the new mysteries Alcatraz introduced this week:

Why were the Warden (Jonny Coyne) and Deputy Warden (Jason Butler Harner) so intent on tormenting the prisoners?
The men holding the keys to Alcatraz seem to take sick pleasure in messing with the prisoners heads, whether it be the warden trying to get Kit Nelson to confess to killing his brother or putting Ernest Cobb (Joe Egender) in a private cell with a Chatty Cathy, or the deputy locking Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) up in solitary on visitors' day. Do their motives run deeper than simply putting the hardened criminals in their place?

Did the Warden know something big was coming?
He seemingly knows about the doctors taking blood from the prisoners, but did he realize there was a bigger overall plan? Also, is the Warden now a '63 himself? We learned in the premiere that he had died years ago, but the rest of the prison population's death certificates had eventually been faked, so maybe the same can be said for the Warden's?

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How many '63s are working with Hauser?
Lucy, who had formerly been a psychiatrist on the island, eventually teamed with Hauser, but she wasn't the only one. Hauser brought the dead body of Kit Nelson to Dr. Beauregard at the duplicate Alcatraz prison for him to work on. Based on the premiere, in which Hauser threatened Jack Sylvane with a visit from the doc, Beauregard is someone the prisoners fear.

Why did Hauser kill Kit Nelson when he's taken precautions to bring the other '63s back alive?
Was the fact that Kit was a dangerous child killer the reason why he couldn't be kept alive? Or does Hauser believe his body could hold some answers to where the '63s have been?

What happened to Hauser to make him so heartless?
Sure, Hauser showed that he does, in fact, have feelings after Lucy was shot, but he was willing to let a child die just so they could capture Kit. There must be a deeper reason as to why he's closed himself off from feeling anything or trusting anyone.

Who kidnapped Diego Soto when he was 11?
Though he was unable to tell Rebecca what happened, Diego revealed to Kit's kidnapping victim that he, too, had been taken when he was a child, but was able to get away. Is this the reason Diego became so invested in prisoners? Did the police ever catch his captor? Who has money on the kidnapper being a '63 who came back earlier? Just us?

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Why are the prisoners' motives so obvious?
Angry that his mother abandoned him, but later raised a daughter, sniper Ernest Cobb targeted girls who were around 15 years old, his sister's age, and went on a shooting spree over three days. Kit Nelson kidnapped 11-year-old boys for three days before killing them because that's the age he had murdered his younger brother. Are these just overly obvious motives or should we start keeping track of these numbers? 

What burning questions do you have about Alcatraz? And will you be tuning in to find out the answers?

Alcatraz airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.