Growing Pains alum Alan Thicke believes there's nothing to fear but fear itself — unless, of course, he's having a bad hair day! Perhaps that's why when the second edition of Celebrity Fear Factor airs tonight at 8 pm/ET on NBC, Thicke — who scales the side of a 36-story building — won't be cringing about the stunt, but rather, his coif.

"I had this horrible little flip in the back," the 55-year-old actor laments to TV Guide Online. "I said [to the producers], 'Can't you remove that digitally?'"

Tresses aside, Thicke is proud of his hair-raising experience. Facing youthful opponents like Stephen Baldwin and Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson, he cracks, "I think my goal was simply to represent [an older] demographic. I was like the [aged football Hall of Famer] George Blanda of Fear Factor."

But as Thicke points out, conquering Fear Factor is all about mental, not physical, prowess. Or so he kept telling himself! "My mentality was, I'm a stuntman today and this is what stuntmen do all the time," he recalls. "They thought this out and I'm not going to get hurt or die."

Still, the host of Game Show Network's All New 3's a Crowd and PAX's Animal Miracles concedes that he hardly felt like a winner when it came time to pose for the shirtless introductions. Laughs the thesp: "When I was the age of the Backstreet Boys, I [too] was a rippling stud with pecs of thunder."