Al Reynolds by Tana Lee Alves/ Al Reynolds by Tana Lee Alves/
Star Jones' soon-to-be-ex-husband, Al Reynolds, is speaking out on his feelings for Star, as well as hoping to set the record straight about his sexuality. In a new

interview, Reynolds asserts that he is "not a homosexual," as some rumors have said, later defending his snazzy style: "If I go to an event, I'm going to look my best. My mother used to tell me, I was cleaner than the Board of Health." Reynolds also, however, has been opening up about his feelings for Jones, telling the AP, "I still very much love her. I do. I can't lie to you." He also offered insights into why their relationship ended. "I felt like we started to grow apart," he said, specifically when their professional lives got busy with his book efforts and her new truTV show. Since their three-year marriage dissolved, the former banker has not been dating. "I feel like I've still got a little bit of healing to do," he said. There's only so much fodder one editor can digest without being rendered speechless. Any takers? - Anna Dimond