Al Gore by Heidi Gutman/NBC Universal Photo Al Gore by Heidi Gutman/NBC Universal Photo

Is NBC's 30 Rock at risk of going the way of stunt-casting addict Will & Grace? A piece in USA Today reveals that in addition to Edie Falco's upcoming three-episode stint (first reported by, no less than former vice president Al Gore, Friends alum David Schwimmer (as an out-of-work actor, natch), Steve Buscemi (as a PI hired by Jack), Meredith Vieira and Carrie "I Now Guest-star for a Living" Fisher have been booked for appearances during Season 2. America's paper also reveals details on Falco's previously unspecified role: She's playing a Democratic congresswoman from New Hampshire who hooks up with... Jack?!

As for 30 Rock's season-opener, airing tonight: as funny as it is - and it is funny - dare I opine that next week's episode, for me at least, was even more howl-worthy? Will Arnett slays me.