Another day, another missed opportunity for Sweet/Vicious to get the Season 2 it totally deserves.

Yes, we're still bitter, and yes, we're still hoping for news that creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has found a way to win another shot at making this awesome show. Luckily, one star is already prepared to commit to more Sweet/Vicious in whatever form it comes.

"Oh my God, I would be in like yesterday," Aisha Dee tells of a potential resurgence of the canceled but critically acclaimed MTV series. "Sweet/Vicious was one of my favorite experiences ever. We still have a big group text that we all contribute to all the time. So yeah, I would be there no matter what."

Sweet/Vicious Creator Reveals How the Show Would Have Ended

Aaaaaand now we're going to need to know the contents of this group chat ASAP. Season 2 theories? Updates on a Netflix pickup that should totally happen? Or is it just the lyrics to "Defying Gravity" over and over and over again?

If Sweet/Vicious ever did get its second day in the sun though, Aisha Dee would probably have to juggle a few shooting schedules because she's about to have a serious hit on her hands with Freeform's The Bold Type. If you're bemoaning the missed opportunity of first-class feminism from Sweet/Vicious Season 2, we recommend you tune in to Dee's new series because it's bound to knock your socks off.

The Bold Type premieres July 11 on Freeform.