Aimee Teegarden Aimee Teegarden

Friday Night Lights fans, get ready to have an irrational tantrum!

Aimee Teegarden — who plays Coach Taylor's wholesome-but-rebellious daughter Julie on the beloved, ratings-challenged football drama — has signed on to a guest spot on the CW's 90210. Taylor will play Rhonda, a West Bev student who crosses paths with BMOC Ethan Ward.

The big question: Does this mean anything for the future of Friday Night Lights?

As of today, no, since, technically, Teegarden could do both. FNL has already completed shooting the 13-episode run currently underway on DirecTV. (The same 13 episodes begin airing on NBC on Jan. 16.) While Rhonda may recur on 90210, Teegarden is only confirmed for one episode at the moment. If FNL gets picked up for a fourth season — and, sadly, that's a big if at the moment — it won't go back into production much earlier than the summer, leaving a big window of opportunity for FNL cast members to pursue other work.

To play devil's advocate, though, why would NBC allow an FNL cast member to pursue work on another high-profile series on a competing network? It happens, of course, but not a lot. Could NBC's permission be a sign of the end times for FNL? Stay tuned...

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