<EM>Invasion</EM> Invasion

Aiiight, so it was Lucas who saved Dan. You guys were right. Damn that meddling kid! God, we'd all be so much better off without that tool. Then again, that would leave us in serious need of a villain, and that witchypoo-looking high-school hag teasing my Haley totally won't cut it. Nor will Ellie, now that we know that Peyton's prodigal mama was only scoring weed to deal with her cancer symptoms. Didn't really see that one coming. What I did see was Hilarie Burton doing some of her best work ever. Oooh, the heartache. And how odd to have her there to stop Dan from throttling Lucas. Being Nathan's ex, she's probably seen the Bad Dad of the Century acting up, but murderous? I was half expecting her to announce that she was the one who tried to torch his sorry butt. Huh. Maybe it was Keith. Or Karen. Or Jules. Or Deb. Or Whitey. Or Nathan. Or Andy. Wow, Dan doesn't really have any friends, does he? Hell, even Brooke probably has a motive. Oh well, whoever it was, let's just hope they keep trying. As for myself, it's time for a little break to focus on the all-new all-color big TV Guide magazine. So even though it'll be a spell before I make another online visit to Tree Hill, Wisteria Lane or the fake Orange County (I'm sticking with Laguna Beach since we're so close to the end), don't think for a second that Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua and I won't be watching along and loving all the dramas that have made hangin' out with you at the Watercooler so much fun.