Ahhh. I felt so good, so Oprah "find your bliss" after last week's column and episode, sure, whatever so I've decided it's time for Round 2 of "Loathing, Liking, Loving"! And again, feel free to play along.
Loathing the scenes of Jimmy's beating and Kirsten's near-relapse intercut with Ryan and Marissa's first time. Sex, violence and addiction? This isn't Rescue Me. Or a staff meeting.
Liking that Ryan explained for all of us that they had in fact "done a lot," but not all of it.
Loving our postcoital Coop for sending her battered pops on the run with a "stay gone" ultimatum. Girl, you are a woman now.
Loathing Taylor. Still. Summer's right. Psycho Barbie's a skank. And a theater-geek skank at that.
Liking that it's becoming so obvious that she and the dean have probably "done a lot," if not all of it.
Loving Seth's wedgie from a sophomore. Oh, and that he didn't sell out Summer as his tiki-hut-theft-partner-in-crime. Boy, you are a less annoying trendoid now.
Loathing Charlotte. Guilting Sandy into thinking that Caleb's will drove Kiki to drink again? If Crazy Eyes ever dries up and makes it to AA, her 9thStep amends are going to be brutal, trust me.
Liking the idea of JuJu having to pull herself up by her Ferragamo bootstraps. Bankruptcy may be a windfall for the delicious Melinda Clarke.
Loving this iPod Nano. Should I get one?
Loving even more that Mama Cohen came home to her boys. Anyone else get a little weepy over Caleb's from-beyond-the-grave apology? Please say yes.
Loving, even more than that, the promos of those public-school kids with their bad hair and lip liner harassing Coop. Oh, it is soo on next week.