Rapper Afroman was arrested for assault in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday night, after he violently punched a woman who made her way onto the stage while he was performing, TMZ reports.

Afroman, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, rose to fame with his 2000 Grammy-nominated pro-marijuana song "Because I Got High." He was in the middle of a concert when an unidentified woman walked onto the stage behind him. She began dancing near Afroman, who suddenly turned around and delivered a devastating right hook to the woman's head, knocking her to the ground. Afroman then continued performing as if it was no big deal.

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Cops eventually stopped the show and escorted Afroman off the stage. A rep for Afroman told TMZ that the rapper didn't know whether the victim was a man or a woman, he merely reacted to someone being on the stage and defended himself.

You can watch a video of the incident below, but we must warn you, it's violent: