Ruth Wilson Ruth Wilson

What makes two people cheat? It's a question asked time and time again, and it's one Showtime's new drama The Affair hopes to answer.

On the series, premiering Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c, Luther's Ruth Wilson plays Alison, a married woman who suffers a tragedy and subsequently begins an extramarital affair with a married man named Noah (Dominic West). Over time, their relationship deepens and turns into love.

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"Alison has always wished that she could do more with her life, escape the sort of small community," Wilson says in the exclusive character profile video. "There's an escapism that he represents that she's attracted to."

So what attracts Noah to Alison? "She's not perfect. In fact, she's deeply damaged but that appeals to something in him," West says.

But what about Alison's marriage? Watch the exclusive video below to get more details:

The Affair premieres Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c on Showtime.

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