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AEW Star Kenny Omega Explains Why They Have the Best Wrestling in the World

Sorry, WWE

Keisha Hatchett

It's a great time to be a wrestling fan. With a bevy of organizations like New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Impact offering up alternative programming to the juggernaut that is the WWE, there's something for everyone. Things are about to get even more exciting with the arrival of All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite, a new weekly live show headed to TNT on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c.

But in response to those who see this as just another wrestling show, AEW stars say this one is going to be different, and that's due to the company's diverse roster of elite stars armed with the creative freedom to take the sport in unexpected directions.

"We all get a fair chance. We all get to perform to the best of our abilities and bring all of our great, special interests to the table," Brandi Rhodes told TV Guide. "Our voices get to be heard. We get to be creative so you'll see a lot of fun, interesting stuff."

AEW didn't even exist in 2018, but the company has already built up a loyal following and has stars like Chris Jericho, legendary commentator Jim Ross, and Jon Moxley (known in the WWE as Dean Ambrose) clamoring to be a part of the action. That's because AEW feels different. It is different.

"I think what separates us a little bit too is the type of creativity you'll see in the ring," Kenny Omega explained. "A lot of our wrestlers, you know, they've come from all around the world, and they had to make it here by their own accord. They didn't have help from outside influences. They had to use their own ideas, their own ingenuity to make it to this stage. So there's gonna be a sense of creativity and individuality that you haven't seen in other television episodes."

All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite premieres Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c on TNT.

Brandi Rhodes, All Elite Wrestling

Brandi Rhodes, All Elite Wrestling