Has anyone checked out A&E's new reality series Sons of Hollywood? I use the term "reality" loosely, of course. I have to wonder, did this all start because Randy Spelling was jealous of big sister Tori's small-screen ventures? Randy, buddy, there's nothing to be envious of, OK? For anyone who hasn't heard of this twisted Real World scenario, it's basically a look at the entertainment industry through the eyes of three young guys who have been living the luxurious Hollywood lifestyle since birth: Randy Spelling (son of the late Aaron Spelling), Sean Stewart (son of musician Rod Stewart) and David Weintraub (a rising talent manager who grew up with the other two). The question is, "Can they make it on their own, or will they always be overshadowed by their famous connections?" I have to say, though, it's hard to take them seriously when most of the show is partying, tanning and acting so sloppy. In fact, I'm not sure if they even realize we're watching. Fights over nothing, money practically being thrown out the window and girls, girls, girls heard enough yet? Is this really an A&E program?

Even if you don't think you can sit through an entire episode of this nonsense, take a look at the clips to get an inside look at "the life of the in crowd." You might even find it numbingly amusing - I actually liked the music video, because it basically shows the entire season's antics condensed into one clip.