Dog the Bounty Hunter courtesy A&E Dog the Bounty Hunter courtesy A&E
Duane "Dog" Chapman - the most famous bounty hunter we know - will be back this summer on A&E with fresh episodes, says the AP. As you may recall, Chapman's show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, was abruptly pulled from the 'net last fall following the leak of a taped

phone conversation in which Chapman referred to his son's girlfriend, who is African-American, with a racial epithet. An A&E spokesman said the network felt Dog deserved a second chance, and had done work to redeem himself since the incident. Reruns of the series will kick off June 25, and new episodes will begin airing soon after. Bail-jumpers across Hawaii might be quaking in their law-evading flip-flops, but what about you? Is this too soft a stance? Even more pressing: How should networks deal when talent have questionable opinions and judgment? - Anna Dimond Use our Online Video Guide to try and catch the Bounty Hunter Related: " Dog on Fox: I Will Try Never, Ever to Use N-word Again " Dog the Bounty Hunter's Shocking Call to His Son " Bounty Hunt Off for Dog