For several weeks, Natalie Carroll lived among Big Brother 5's housemates using a false moniker: She was pretending to be her identical-twin sister, Adria. The 30-year-old twins kept their roomies in the dark, repeatedly trading places until the "Project DNA" twist was finally revealed on Aug. 5. That's when Natalie became a full-fledged contestant in her own right. We figure the others couldn't tell the sibs apart because, not only are they lookalikes, they're also equally clueless. (Remember when Will used the word "karma" and the sisters didn't know what it meant? They thought he was talking about celebrity "Carma Electra.") Last week, the sisters landed on the chopping block, with Natalie's head rolling first. Before she was sequestered, TV Guide Online attempted to interview the not-so-bright Nat about her untimely ouster.

TVGO: You gals had some embarrassing moments. Anything you'd love to take back?
Natalie Carroll:
I have no regrets from any actions that I did in the house, or how I played the game.

TVGO: What did you think of this season's "Project DNA" twist?
I am thrilled to have been a part of such a major reality project and to have actually pulled off the DNA project of the "twin twist."

TVGO: Um, OK... Could your survival strategy have been better?
No, my strategy moves were created to try to survive the position that I had in the game. I have no regrets. The house is harder than any outsider could imagine unless they lived through the experience.

TVGO: Was it harder before or after your "twin twist" was revealed?
Each scenario had its own level of stress and issues. Each day held its own challenges. However, the "twin twist" time had a lot of stress.

TVGO: Were you disappointed Adria used the Golden Power of Veto to save herself instead of you?
No, we both felt that the house could understand Adria making actions for herself better when she won the veto.

TVGO: Huh? Anyway, do you think folks ever got to know the real you?
I do not think people ever got to know the real me because it was too hard for them to understand the twist. Times were easier for the houseguests to understand when there was only "one" of us.

TVGO: Think it was fair that you two had an automatic alliance going in?
Alliances are formed at many points throughout the Big Brother game. Having one from day one or on the last day could happen. Holding true to an alliance is the only part of the game that is fair.

TVGO: Can Adria survive long on her own in that house?
Only time will tell. I am sure she will try to survive the best that she can within her control.

TVGO: What's your take on Drew and Diane's romance?
I feel if the house was jealous of the love that Adria and I share, then Drew and Diane are in a tricky position in the game, too.

TVGO: You gals weren't popular. Have you made any lasting friendships from this show?
I will have Adria as a friend for life, and I feel that I will continue some relationships from this show. I am very happy to have met all of the houseguests.

TVGO: Would you ever do reality TV again?
I am always interested in any challenge.

TVGO: Will you ever eat PB&J again?
Yes! I actually love PB&Js. I will, however, enjoy them on whole-grain bread and natural peanut butter.